This cairn marks the location of the last inter-clan battle fought in Scotland.

Blàr a' Mhaoil Ruaidh (the Battle of Mulroy) took place on August 4th 1688. The MacDonalds of Keppoch were defending their right to hold the lands of Brae Roy against the Mackintoshs.

The Mackintoshs were assisted by government troops, and the MacDonalds may have been strengthened by their kinsmen from Glengarry and Glencoe.

The MacDonalds prevailed.

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The Mackintosh army arrived at the MacDonald seat of Keppoch, but, found the place deserted. Instead, the MacDonald army was waiting for them on the hill at Maol Ruadh. The Mackintosh army made the fatal error of attacking uphill.

The battle was a rout. All of the Mackintosh leaders were either captured, including the clan chief, or killed. The Mackintosh chief was released on condition that he relinquished any claim on the Keppoch lands, which he did.

and I will take a walk to the cairn, this afternoon, to pay our respects. It is possible some of my (Glengarry) ancestors may have been involved in the battle.

Air Muir 's air Tìr.

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