"Number of the Beast"
Iron Maiden

It is 40 years since the release of the classic album, "Number of the Beast", by Metal gods Iron Maiden.

The title track is one of my favourites, and I particularly like the spoken introduction by Barry Clayton. Apparently, the lyrics were partly inspired by Tam o' Shanter.

I just wish the "Number of the Beast" started at 666 seconds in. 😃

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@fitheach One of my daydreams is playing in an Iron Maiden cover band. So many of their songs are just fun. But where would one find a good vocalist? Dickinson is nigh inimitable: the range, the force, the prowess and yes, the theatrical delivery. Thanks for the link, it's good to hear the pipes in full working order.

Why not just play in the real Iron Maiden, then you could also have Bruce singing. No substitutes required. If you are going to dream, dream big.

I tried to find a live recording of the song. However, for some reason, all the ones I found had terrible video quality.

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