On August 19th, 1745, Prince Charles Edward Stuart raised his standard at Glenfinnan. This was the start of his campaign to regain the throne for his father.

The monument in the photo marks the event, which locals refer to as "the '45".

This camper was HUGE. The camper is based on a six wheel MAN truck. However the conversion has no windows, so, I'm thinking it will be a bit gloomy inside.

I've photographed, and then posted about, some extreme rugged campers this year. I really wish I'd used an appropriate hashtag for the posts.

On August 16th 1745, the first engagement of the Jacobite Rising took place at the High Bridge, which spanned the River Spean (part of General Wade's military road).

11 MacDonald's of Keppoch engaged 85 government troops who were travelling to Fort William (from Fort Augustus) to strengthen the garrison.

By leaping about, playing their pipes and shouting, the MacDonalds convinced the government commander that they were a much bigger force.


It was another scorcher for this afternoon's , 30°C in the glen behind the house.

We enjoyed the day, and we aren't looking forward to the rain forecast for to-morrow afternoon.

It is the "Glorious Twelfth", unless you happen to be a Red Grouse.

Photo taken on to-day's main .

The last few days have been quite sunny. It makes a change. The weather has been very poor this summer, particularly in comparison with the scorcher last year. Constantly having to dry , along with her halters and leashes soon becomes wearing.

We will both enjoy this weather while we can.

It was very sunny, to-day. So, it was lucky we had found a shaded place to park the car. , in particular, doesn't like sitting in a hot car.

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Doggie doors next to stiles is such a great idea. Gruoch has the size and the intelligence to get over stiles, not all dogs have both of those attributes. So, a door to allow the dog through the fence can save a great deal of effort. Although, for big dogs this door is a bit small.

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As much as I love 's doggie smell, I don't want the whole car smelling of dog.

Previously, I've used the Mighty Oak hanging trees. I liked their scent, but, they only last for 2-3 weeks. Consequently, they are quite expensive for continuous use.

I've recently started using the K2 Vento car freshener. They are about the same price as the MO. The scent (8ml) comes in a glass bottle with a wooden cap. This quantity should last for many months, and the system is reusable.

Rugged campervans are becoming ever more popular. Spotted this one to-day.

Note it is called "Knuffi". 😃

The lochside isn't steep along this section of the path. Consequently, there are lots of nice pebble beaches to be explored by canines and humans.

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To-day's main was along the western shore of Loch Lòchaidh. The section we did was mostly beech forest, and had a gravel footpath for the whole distance. The path is part of the Great Glen Way. For August it was amazingly quiet, we only met two mountain bikers.

This cairn marks the location of the last inter-clan battle fought in Scotland.

Blàr a' Mhaoil Ruaidh (the Battle of Mulroy) took place on August 4th 1688. The MacDonalds of Keppoch were defending their right to hold the lands of Brae Roy against the Mackintoshs.

The Mackintoshs were assisted by government troops, and the MacDonalds may have been strengthened by their kinsmen from Glengarry and Glencoe.

The MacDonalds prevailed.

We saw this nifty wee tractor unit on to-day's . It had a fork-lift attachment on the front, which was being used to move cut logs. The estate were using it to transport the logs for their own purposes. Loading onto lorries utilises much larger machinery.

I would've liked to take the tractor home with me. thought it was interesting, too.

The power of movies

The false report that Saddam Hussein's regime was developing chemical weapons was based on scenes from the 1996 movie "The Rock".

The false claims weren't cross-checked with weapons experts, and was subsequently used as justification for British involvement in the Iraq War.

I found this patch on to-day's . It must've fallen off someone's jacket or rucksack. This is probably quite a rare patch.

Can you identify the place?

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