I'm watching "Good Bye, Lenin!" (2003).

A son and daughter perform a deception that the communist DDR is continuing in 1989/90, in an attempt to prevent their deeply socialist mother from suffering another heart attack.

A breakthrough performance by Daniel Brühl.

Absolutely superb film. Highly recommended.

At the end of the film I'm watching, the Westminster Parliament building is blown-up.

That scene always brings a tear to my eye,

I'm not the only one who likes the Kooliburra Shiraz.

The pedant in me believes this should be called a greyout, not a whiteout.

Thirty seconds later not only could the mountains not be seen, my hand in front of my face was obscured.

You know what they say about dogs with big paws.

Yeah, big paw prints.

We need to remove inches* from measuring tapes, and have metric only. 50% of the time the metric scale is on the wrong side of the tape.

* For viewers in the UK only.

Continuing my theme of posting images of forestry equipment:

This is a Ponsse Buffalo K90, equipped as a Collector.

Giant Jiggly Balls

The adolescent (still) in me always smirks at unintended double meanings in product descriptions.

I have no idea what you are supposed to do with Giant Jiggly Balls.

Kirk, and for that matter the Star Trek TOS episode, is saved by Nona, portrayed by Nancy Kovack.

See, I told you everyone in "space" was beautiful.

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I know Star Trek TOS operated on a very limited budget. However, the monster (the Mugato) in the season 2 episode "A Private Little War" has to be the most ridiculous creation in any SciFi production.

Unless you know differently...

I recently bought a pair of Meindl Burma GTX boots. I've been wearing them on a daily basis for the last two weeks. They are still very stiff, and yet, surprisingly comfy. The GTX (I think) refers to the Gore-tex lining. I can confirm, that the boots have been 100% waterproof, so far, despite some atrociously wet, and snowy, conditions.

The boots were quite expensive, but, I am am very pleased with the purchase. I go for dog walks three times per day, and good footwear is important to me.

I've mentioned before that has, without any training, taken it upon herself to wait patiently, while I photograph subjects. I've now noticed that she actually watches the wildlife I'm photographing.

Here she is looking across the canal, directly at the Cormorant, as I'm photographing it.

Eventually, I will just get Gruoch to take the photographs, too.

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Canal Life.

For the last few weeks I've been seeing this juvenile Great Cormorant (Gairgeann - Phalacrocorax carbo) on a canal pontoon. Any time I've seen it, I didn't have a telephoto lens. Any time I took a long telephoto lens, I wouldn't see the bird. This photo is a crop from an image taken with my 40-150 zoom. Not ideal, but, acceptable.

To allow the birds to catch fish by diving, they don't have oily feathers. Consequently, they have to dry their wings.

I haven't posted any photos of tree harvesting equipment for ages. Time to put that right.

This is a Ponsse Scorpion King 8WD Harvester. Nice looking machine, and thought so, too.

The Rock wasn't anywhere to be seen.

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