Nothing says Easter more than a Scottish Terrier wearing floppy bunny ears.

Today was definitely a "taps aff" weather day, as shown in the forecast (except for viewers in Grampian).

On this day, April 18th 1949,
Ireland was declared a republic.

Huge crowds thronged the streets at midnight to celebrate, including Dublin as shown in the attached photograph.

Chester Street is a very exclusive area in Edinburgh's New Town/West End, just a few minutes walk from Princes' Street. Chester Street is not a busy thoroughfare, but at 8pm it wouldn't yet be dark. Quite likely someone would've seen something.

I don't recall anything like this happening in Edinburgh before.

31% of Britons want Jon Snow to end up on the Iron Throne.

I know he is a good news anchor, but still...

Battle of Culloden
April 16th 1746

The last battle of the Jacobite rising and on the British isles. The forces of Prince Charles were defeated by those of the Duke of Cumberland (Butcher Cumberland).

The defeat not only ended the aspirations of the Stuart dynasty, but also led to the attempted destruction of Highland culture, the clan system and the Gaelic language.

Malky was the legendary cartoonist for The Sunday Mail. He was propelled to prominence when he created the comic strip "The Big Yin" with his banjo-playing pal Billy Connolly. The comic strip was such a success that the title became an internationally recognised nickname for Connolly.

Malky had started his cartoon career working for DC Thompson where his work included Biffo the Bear for The Beano.

He later contributed to many national newspapers and was a designer for Scottish Television.

Isn't Angus a cute boy?

Angus is an active 6 year old Patterdale terrier who loves to be surrounded by his favourite people.

You can adopt Angus and give him a forever home. Angus has lots of doggie friends at DogsTrust West Calder, and at other centres across the UK, who are also looking for homes.

Gutted I missed seeing this...

What appears to be a white emu stopped traffic on the A82 trunk road just south of Fort Augustus.

Apparently, white emus are pretty rare, and I can assure you emus of any kind are even more rare in the Highlands of Scotland.

Last night's (delayed one night) was:
The Card (1952)

An enterprising young man climbs the economic & social ladders through fair, but also sometimes immoral means. A pithy comedy with human insights.

Alec Guinness & Glynis Johns star, & both give excellent performances. One other actress looked familiar, but I couldn't place her. Checked afterwards & was totally surprised to find it was Petula Clark. PC better known now for singing.

Throughly recommended.

Jallianwala Bagh massacre
AKA Amritsar massacre
April 13th 1919

Troops of the British Indian Army fired indiscriminately into a crowd peacefully protesting the arrest of two national leaders.

The troops continued firing for ten minutes, killing over 1,000 innocent men, women & children. This atrocity is often cited as the catalyst for Indian nationalism.

Jallianwalla Bagh is now a garden & national memorial

The first motorised vehicle used for mail delivery in Scotland (1908).

The Postal Museum

As we had another very sunny day I took a few minutes to do some flower photos. The attached is my favourite. It is a lus a' chinn - narcissus.

The sun is shining through the delicate tepals, with a darker shade where they overlap. The corona is very short and a lovely shade of orange. Managed to capture it when the soft breeze stopped.

Wondrous Wednesday

While the humans were enjoying the great weather, one wee dog was finding it hot. It isn't so easy when you are a hairy dog that likes cold weather.

Luckily, there were plenty of burns available for to get a thirst quenching drink.

Well done, wee man.

Glorious sunshine on tonight's . The only downside to this run of great weather is the small ponds drying out, which is a disaster for thousands of tadpoles.

Spotted my first local lamb of the year. It was a Blackface/Cheviot cross.

Only found one red deer antler tonight, but it was a nice five-pointer.

Dublin is in Ireland, right?

It is a small hamlet near Alness, in the Scottish Highlands.

For the life of me I couldn't find Trinity College, Grafton Street or the Liffey. I did find a cute castle though.

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