Talking of evil streaks Michael Madsen's character was a nasty piece of work, too.

Has Madsen ever played a nice guy? Not that I've seen. He just doesn't have the face for it.

Joanne Whalley made a really good femme fatale. It is a shame the movie bombed at the box office, as it probably meant any similar roles for the future vanished.

She made her character's evil streak very believable.

Oh, and that red dress...

RIP Paul Flynn MP
1935 - 2019
Newport West constituency

Is this epic trolling by the EU?

I don't know, but it does make an excellent headline.

"EU food aid for no deal Britain"

As if by magic a real world example of the political lie appeared today.

The Perth Conservatives (photo below) are campaigning against the "Car Park Tax".

Except there isn't any tax, it's a lie. It is a proposed discretionary power to allow local authorities to levy a charge on parking spaces. Even more ironic that the local authority in Perth is Conservative controlled.

Is this a case of:
"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes"?

My pal Chris Cairns has also done a cartoon on the Theresa May lies topic.

"OK, let's see... fabricator? Dissimulator... false witness... maligner? I can do you a sophist or a pettifogger. How about fibber?"

Swooping lines & shadows.

The last of my "manual panorama" photos. This shot is 270° around from the first photo.

The right most mountain peak is usually an easy stroll from this point of the walk, but all that snow would make it hard. It was too late in the day, and I still had a 2.5 hour walk back to the car.

It was a great day.

Scottish tundra

This photo is 180° around from the image I posted first (the accidental one). I just avoided looking directly into the setting sun. The landscape is beautiful in a bleak sort of way.

Thankfully the wind was at my back now. 😃

Blown snow in the late afternoon.

You can't tell from a single static photo that there is a gale blowing from the east (from the right). There was really deep snow on this high plateau, but the gale had blown some of the snow off the grass and into huge drifts.

If you look closely at the mountain in the background, there are snow drift lines, also created by the strong winds.

An accidental photo.

I was setting up my camera on the tripod when I inadvertently touched the remote trigger release, and took a photo.

The funny thing is you can see my shadow with my outstretched arm reaching towards the tripod. My error captured for posterity.

Camley Cartoons on the same theme.

"This Valentine's say it with flowers."

Nice to see the Dutch have a Brexit monster, to warn people of the potential dangers.

Here he is with the Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok.

Mr Blok is the one standing.


I mentioned last week that liked games. He likes cerebral games (more in future), but he enjoys active games, too.

Here he is playing with his ball-in-a-sock game. Oh dear, it has landed on the cheeseboard. 😃

Speculation that a new Lord of the Rings prequel series is to be filmed in Scotland.

Amazon paid £200 million for the rights, and are to spend £1 billion (most expensive ever) on the series. It will be on air by 2021.

Further speculation the story will focus around the character of Aragorn.

Sites scouted included Portree, Callander, Loch Lomond, Dunskey Castle & Portpatrick.

The trial has begun. The attached photo shows the 12 Catalan political leaders (foreground) in court.

Democracy is on trial.

I see the HMS Queen Elizabeth F35 test flights are going well.

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