Getting back to posting some . These photos were taken in the second week of June.

Common Butterwort - Mòthan - Pinguicula vulgaris

These plants really love wet conditions, and will even grow on nearly bare rock as long as it is kept moist. It manages to do this because it supplements its nutrients by being carnivorous.

The plant is covered with fine "hairs" which on the leaves can trap, then digest flies.

Are you using Let's Encrypt?

If so you might be interested in acme-tiny. It is a 200 lines of code client to handle the installation and renewal of your LE SSL certs.

There is a one-time requirement to convert the account_key from JWK to PEM. After that everything can be automated through scripts & cron.

I like that acme-tiny is: standalone, small & so easy to review. Installable via Pip, apt-get and probably other package managers.


Bringing together two recent topics: the "worst" and Spacehoppers.

A real 1980s birthday card. So bad it is great. I love it!

Note: the child on the left has motion blur, presumably due to hopping.

Christmas day, Glasgow, 1969

Two boys inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing show off their pressies: a space suit & helmet plus a Spacehopper.

More aesthetically pleasing landscape postcards, specifically of the Isle of Skye, can be found on this website:

The photos on that page probably come from the same period, and the attached photo is also from Colourmaster.

The worst picture postcard of all time?
Quite possibly, unless you know differently. 😃

The scene shows the *rear* and car parking area of the Aviemore Ice Rink. The card also shows some random chalets and half a car. Photo from the 1970s.

Produced by Colourmaster International.

July 19, 1969.

Campsite for the spectators of the Apollo 11 launch.

Flash Gordon (1980)

It is now 40 years since this cult classic was filmed, including the opening airfield scenes which were shot on the Isle of Skye.

There have been rumours of a remake for some years, but nothing definite yet.

This version of the 1930s comic strip is a lot of fun, and has a great soundtrack by Queen. A more in-depth review coming soon.

Thanks to @gedvondur for the reminder.

"The planes will fly! There will be clean drinking water. There will be adequate supplies of glucose, milk solids and whey to make the Mars bars we need."
Boris Johnson 17/07/2019

Along with everything else Boris says, I hope he is wrong about Mars Bars. Mars Bars are such disgusting rubbish running out of them would be a good thing. Suffering a no-deal Brexit would *almost* be worth it.

Photo of Albert Einstein's office at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, on the day he died (April 18th, 1955).

Did you know that the famous Hollywood sign originally spelled out "Hollywoodland"?

The sign was created in 1923 to promote a property development business. Every letter was encrusted with light bulbs which allowed the sign to first illuminate (flash) "Holly", then "wood", then "land" and finally the whole name.

A maintenance agreement (1949) between the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce & the City of Los Angeles led to a stipulation that the "land" be removed.

The Clyde Bar,
Helensburgh, Scotland.

I get the feeling they might be proudly Scottish, don't know why, just a feeling.

Ayrshire Earlies (potatoes) have been given EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

That is great news.

However, I'm not sure at all what happens to this status when Scotland gets dragged out of the EU along with the rest of the UK (on Halloween probably).

I mentioned earlier that the use of some themes results in a slight system slowdown. Not a huge difference, just a hesitation that becomes annoying. My limited testing suggests the hesitation occurs with themes which use a lot of .xpm files. This is ironic as XPM is a format specifically designed for the X Window system. They are small text files which describe the colour to be used, a bit like a CSS declaration block.

The attached screenshot shows an example XPM file.

Particularly abundant on felled woodland areas, rocky waste ground, and often where you don't want them.

Common foxglove - Lus nam ban-sìth - Digitalis purpurea

They are a biennial, producing downie leaves only in the 1st year and the easily recognisable flowers in the 2nd year. Grows up to 235cm.

The Gaelic common name suggests they are for the women fairyfolk rather than gloves for foxes.

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