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Brìghde and Aidan only played tunes, there was no singing. Most of the tunes were Scottish traditional, although there were also some trad tunes from the Balkans, which Brìghde collected on a recent visit.

It was no surprise that the playing was of the highest calibre, and Brìghde and Aidan play well together.

The Scottish Small Pipes give a much softer delivery than the, more common, Highland Great Pipes. I enjoyed the change.

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First on stage were Brìghde Chaimbeul and Aidan O’Rourke.

Brìghde is one of the rising stars of traditional music, and an accomplished player of the Scottish Small Pipes. She had recently played at the opening ceremony of . However, she said Roy Bridge Hall had a much nicer audience, particularly as Boris Johnson wasn't attending.

She was joined on-stage by Aidan, her musical partner, producer of her acclaimed album, and fiddle virtuoso.

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I went to a Blas Festival concert, last night. Due to the covid-19 restrictions this was the first concert I've been to in nearly two years.

It was fantastic to hear live music again, and to enjoy the experience of going out. The musicians were also delighted to be back on the road.

As this was a special occasion I'll be posting a few photos of the event.

On the opposite bank of the canal we witnessed a long line of tups doing a march past. I don't what caused them to walk in single file like that.

I always enjoy seeing perfect reflections in the still canal waters.

There was glorious weather on to-day's , we were bathed in golden light.

However, it was much colder; there are changes afoot. Winter is coming.

I had to buy a packet of these razors, and, no, I'm not shaving my legs.

If my idea works, I'll tell you the reason.

and I had our first ever nightime , with my headtorch. She seemed to be even more excited than normal, although that might have been due to the number of Sika deer about.

The conditions were perfect, too: 2°C, no wind, clear sky, and no rain. If only it could be like this every night.

Thèid Blas 2021 air adhart eadar 19 agus 27 Samhain le prògram farsaing de chuirmean is cèilidhean ann an coimhearsnachdan air feadh na Gàidhealtachd.

Clocks changed to-day:

* kitchen clock (manual)
* smartphone (automatic)
* wristwatch (automatic)
* tablet (automatic)
* laptop (automatic)
* car (what a faff)

* doggie clock (impossible)

Canal Life

This is the first fishing vessel I've seen going through the canal, this year. It may be I've just missed seeing them. However, I think it is more likely that fewer working boats are operating.

The "CN" on the side of this boat means it is registered in Campbeltown.

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