What a cute doggie!

This Scottish Terrier is a Newtonmore fan, which you can tell as it is wearing a club jersey. Newtonmore are one of the top shinty clubs. This photo was taken at the Camanachd Cup final (the premier cup competition) in 2016 when Newtonmore beat Oban 1:0. This started a run for Newtonmore when they won in 2017, 2018 & 2019. There won't be a cup competition in 2020, for obvious reasons.

The other famous Hitchcock was also a terrier lover, but not , it would seem.

I've come across lots of online references about Alfred Hitchcock having a pair of Sealyham Terriers, and a few mentions of him having a Westie. One of Hitchcock's Sealyham Terriers was seen in his 1941 movie Suspicion, and the director is seen walking two of these dogs in a cameo appearance in The Birds (1963).

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One of the very sad things that happened in 2019 was the loss of our friends' Scottish Terrier, Hitchcock. As well as being a beloved family member, Hitchcock was the first Scottie to compete, and win, at European & World level Dog Agility competitions. You can see videos of Hitchcock competing at the link below.

One of Hitchcock's many online fans was so moved by his death that she created this lovely painting.


At the end of the we encountered this fascinating navigable aqueduct.

The two left-most arches allow a river to pass underneath the aqueduct, and the third arch allows access for pedestrians & small vehicles. The Caledonian Canal passes above the aqueduct, but is out of sight at this level.

, the Scottie dog, was a bit wary when he went through the tunnel at first. The second time, he went through like a pro.

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Reports coming in of large queues forming at polling places across the country.


Not all Scotties are black, some are grey, brindle or wheaten. Wheaten is an almost white Scottie and is quite rare. A single litter can have a mixture of colours, although black is by far the most common.

As the wheaten are so rare if you do see a small white terrier it is far more likely to be a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). Scotties have longer muzzles, whereas Westies have shorter muzzles and a round looking face


Pollux is one of the most iconic cartoon dogs, created by Serge Danot in 1964, for the French animated series Le Manège enchanté. In English, he is better known as Dougal, and the programme as The Magic Roundabout. The English version was written and narrated by Eric Thompson (Emma's dad).

Dougal (from Gaelic Dùghall) is reputedly modelled on a Skye Terrier, although I've never seen one in bright ginger. 😃



Did you know Humphrey Bogart loved Scotties? Who doesn't?

The attached photo shows him with his third wife, Mayo Methot, and two lovely Scotties. Sorry, I don't know anything about the big dog. The photo was taken as part of an article in Life Magazine (1944).

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