I've been wanting to meet another Akbash owner ever since I got . However, the breed is very rare in Scotland, and the UK, for that matter. So, not very likely to happen.

Then, this happens on my "doorstep":


An Akbash has to be rescued from Beinn Nibheis.

BTW an Akbash isn't a mountain dog.

I'm going to remove all the carpets from the house, and have polished wood floors instead. Constantly vacuuming the dog hair from the carpets is too labourious.

My only dilemma is what to do with the stairs.

It was another scorcher for this afternoon's , 30°C in the glen behind the house.

We enjoyed the day, and we aren't looking forward to the rain forecast for to-morrow afternoon.

Photo taken on to-day's main .

The last few days have been quite sunny. It makes a change. The weather has been very poor this summer, particularly in comparison with the scorcher last year. Constantly having to dry , along with her halters and leashes soon becomes wearing.

We will both enjoy this weather while we can.

It was very sunny, to-day. So, it was lucky we had found a shaded place to park the car. , in particular, doesn't like sitting in a hot car.

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Doggie doors next to stiles is such a great idea. Gruoch has the size and the intelligence to get over stiles, not all dogs have both of those attributes. So, a door to allow the dog through the fence can save a great deal of effort. Although, for big dogs this door is a bit small.

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As much as I love 's doggie smell, I don't want the whole car smelling of dog.

Previously, I've used the Mighty Oak hanging trees. I liked their scent, but, they only last for 2-3 weeks. Consequently, they are quite expensive for continuous use.

I've recently started using the K2 Vento car freshener. They are about the same price as the MO. The scent (8ml) comes in a glass bottle with a wooden cap. This quantity should last for many months, and the system is reusable.

To-day is a special day, and I have been together for a whole year. Getting Gruoch was one of my best ever decisions.

For her anniversary dinner Gruoch will be getting sirloin steak, followed by whipped double cream. Those are her two favourite foods.

Photo is the first one I took of her, at this time last year.

Currently being visited by my Swiss doggie friends (including their three Scotties).

This has made me realise my whole life revolves around dogs. I spend three hours every day walking . Gruoch comes with me to work, every day. Most of my friends are also dog lovers, and my social life is dog centered.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


I'm currently in battle of wills with .

She has never liked to eat her veg, so, I usually chop it into small pieces, and mix it into her meat. However, recently she has developed a technique to separate the small pieces (beetroot at the moment), and discard them. This results in an empty bowl, with a 40cm halo of beetroot. It's like the rings of Saturn.

I've now started grating the beetroot, which, for the time being, has her defeated.

I was awoken at 06:00 by large whiskers brushing my face. I opened my eyes, and could see a slightly out of focus brown nose, and a large white face. Opening my eyes was an invitation for the face licking to begin. I reached out, and stroked the soft fur. She immediately rolled over, to get her tummy rubbed. After ten minutes we both got up.

The day had begun.

The wee monster has just stolen a chicken bone from the bin.

To-day's doggie sport is catching bluebottles in mid-flight. has caught one already, and swallowed it.

You know the old excuse that "the dog ate my homework".

Well, just ate my micro-SD card. She thought it was a treat.

Retrieval, when it comes out the other end, isn't an option.

's moulting season is coming to an end (at last). It has been a furry nightmare. Considering how much I have brushed from her, and vacuumed from the floor, I'm amazed she wasn't bald.

I've never had a shedding dog before, so, I never understood the problem.

Regardless, I wouldn't have any other pooch. Gruoch is such a sweetie.

The Road To Nowhere.

Another beautiful day for the . There have been so many beautiful days recently, that it would be boring to mention them constantly.

However, what the photo doesn't convey is the windy conditions. It has been sunny and warm, but, the wind makes the "feels like" temperature much lower.

Shortly after this photo found a Sika deer antler, which she is now chewing at home.


We had another play-fight this morning. However, modified her behaviour. She kept her teeth away from my face, and didn't open her jaws so frequently. She did these things without any input from me. She must've recognised that drawing blood was a bad thing.

Smart pooch.

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I had a play-fight with , this morning (this is a regular thing).

She accidentally caught me with her teeth, leaving a cut across my nose and cheek.

I'm going to tell people it is a duelling scar.

When I first got she wanted to "have a go" at 90% of unknown dogs. Using various techniques, I managed to reduce that to 10%. Even with those 10% I was able to change her behaviour on repeat encounters.

However, there is one exception. There is a Beagle she meets on a regular basis that she absolutely hates. I don't know why. The closest she has ever been to this dog is about 3m. Gruoch makes it clear she wants to rip this dog to pieces. I have to physically restrain Gruoch.

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