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Disappointed doggie.

came rushing over, sat down, and looked at me expectantly, when I put a disc in my laptop drive. He always gets a treat when we watch a movie.

However, I was ripping a CD, not watching a film. So, no treat. I've explained this to Neachdainn before, but it hasn't sunk in. Huh, and they say dogs are smart!

Life with dogs.

woke me at 5am, he needed out for a piddle. I took him downstairs. I opened the backdoor for him, and stood there in my jammies. It was freezing. He didn't go out, as it was also lashing down with rain. While I was shutting doors and switching off lights he ran upstairs and claimed my position in bed. When I got back upstairs he was wagging his tail, he thought it was hilariously funny, and was pleased with himself.

I still love him.


Isn't this a cute poster?

The Aberdeen Line was a shipping company founded in 1825. At one point the line had the world's fastest clipper, the Thermopylae, which even beat the famous Cutty Sark. In 1933 the company merged with the Australian Commonwealth Line to become the name in the poster.

What makes the poster even more appropriate is that Scottie dogs are also known as Aberdeen Terriers (my preferred name).


Surely the world's cutest, smartest & loveliest dog breed can't be at risk. Especially after all my promotional efforts.

"Scottish terrier breed at risk as popularity falls."


Right, this is a repost of sorts, as not enough of you liked this wee pooch dancing to Jump Around, previously. You know what you need to do. 😃

This time I've attached the video to the post, so you don't have to go to YT. Not my video, source unknown.

The posse have lost us, but they have left a trail anyone could follow. In fact, the *scent* was so strong even we non-dogs could follow their trail using our noses.

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The Posse
A Story in Three Parts

The posse are looking for us, but they haven't seen us yet. Should we run or shoot it out?

In my previous post Neachdainn was right-adjusted in the frame, but he is looking right. Is that why the photo is less satisfying? I don't think so, as I have some photos where he looks left, and I still find them less satisfying.

Here is another photo from the set. Again, Neachdainn is left adjusted in the frame, and he is looking right. This also means there is a catchlight in his eye. Is that a sub-concious consideration?

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I took several portrait photographs of on Saturday. I posted one photo already:

Some of the photos have Neachdainn right adjusted in the frame, instead of left. For some reason I find these photos less satisfying. Is it because I have a right-handed bias? Is it a cultural thing because I am used to using left-to-right writing? Something else? I don't know.

Dang! To-day's was another boil-in-the-bag™ adventure. I bet if I venture out without a jacket to-morrow, there will be a torrential downpour.

We went along the river. It was really pleasant.

Photos from to-day's

* sitting on a bollard
* Cobweb highlighted by dew in the sunshine
* Trees reflected in the canal
* Porcelain fungus (Oudemansiella mucida) on a dead beech stump

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