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We did it again. Lashing rain when we left the house, and on our return. Sunshine on the whole .

As mentioned elsewhere, we encountered lots of Waxwings, which were gorging on the Rowan berries. Good luck, little birds, you'll need that food to sustain you on your long journey.

It's a dog's life.

always gets an egg for supper, at bedtime. Afterwards she has a big drink. Immediately upon finishing, she comes running, at full-pelt, and jumps into bed. We then have 5 mins of rough games, and she gets belly rubs. After this she settles, with her back against my legs. Time for sleep.

When Gruoch senses me waking in the morning, she does a doggie crawl to the top of the bed. She nuzzles me, and licks my face. Time to rise.

didn't initially like getting a towelling. So, I started giving her a short rub down with the towel, followed by a treat. Gradually I increased the duration of towelling.

She now positively enjoys the towelling, and looks forward to the treat at the end. This is just as well, because currently the towelling is required daily.

considers someone running towards her to be a potential threat.

We've never encountered a jogger before to-day, he very nearly got eaten.

Do you live in Northern California, or nearby?
Would you like to adopt a loving companion dog?

Axel is a three year old Akbash (same age and breed as ), who is in need of a forever home.

Adopting Gruoch was one of the best things I ever did, perhaps Axel could be the same for you.

As I've been living on my own for some time, a few of my habits have changed. I don't, for example, bother closing the toilet door.

To-day, I was sitting on the loo, when came rushing in. She proceeded to lick my face. I tried explaining to her that I was busy, and this wasn't the time for licks. She wouldn't listen.

I may get back into the habit of closing the toilet door again.

I've always had a preference for using a dog harness, rather than a collar. Active dogs can easily put a lot of strain on their leashes. If they wear a collar that energy has to be absorbed by their necks. Not good.

The harness brand I chose was Eagloo. It has been very good. With all the recent wet weather I have bought a second one, to have a dry spare.

Thoroughly recommended.

BTW the first photo from the manufacturer. The second photo is of wearing her harness.

The weather is now officially atrocious. The was cut short. It wasn't worth battling through the ferocious wind and lashing rain. Even , who loves her walkies, wanted to turn tail.

We were both looking forward to lunchies, too.

As alluded to previously, the weather became a bit stormy last night.

normally sleeps with her back along my legs. Last night, when the wind increased in intensity, she put her front paws across my chest and her muzzle under my chin

Now comforted, she fell asleep again, in seconds. I wasn't so lucky.

Speaking of anniversaries, as I was, I've now had for two whole months. She is great. We are best friends. Adopting her was one of my best decisions.

I've also had a realisation; anyone wanting to love me will also have to love my dog. I've made a commitment to provide Gruoch with her forever home. I can never renege on that commitment.

Portrait of Gruoch by Danni.

Canal Life I

One of my favourite locations for photographing , is now also a favourite with .

This is the southern opening of the Caledonian Canal into Loch Lòchaidh.

I've made some doggie ready-meals for

A useful backup for when I'm short of time.

Freedom Day!

Yesterday, was allowed her first walk without a leash.

Her recalls were OK, but, her equivalent of "walk at heel" was terrible. Walkies will be on leash again, until that problem is resolved. It is for her own safety.

Freedom is temporarily suspended.

This clever Border Collie would wait for a human to walk past the garden. Just as the humans were passing, the Collie would drop the green ball through the fence. The Collie knew that humans would then throw the ball into the garden, thus completing one iteration of a day-long game.

As the garden was alongside the Caledonian Canal path, there were always plenty of participating humans. Collies are clever.

Yesterday, and I had an encounter with a man, and his Lakeland Terrier.

Upon seeing Gruoch, the man said to his dog:

"Don't go over there,
that dog will eat you."

Even though he had a smile on his face, I think, he was only half-joking.

Homemade doggie treats (recipe).

Every dog loves treats made from liver. Here is a method to make your own.

* Take slices of liver and fry them over a high heat until sealed on all sides.

* Leave to cool in the pan (uncovered) for several hours.

* Lift out the liver slices, leaving any wee bits aside. Cut the slices in bite-sized pieces, and place them on a baking tray.

* Place the liver in a 70°C oven for 1-2 hours until it has completely dried.


Currently, frying liver.

The things I do for my dog.

For years I tried to get to use a fabric dog kennel. It was intended for use whilst travelling. No matter what I tried he wouldn't use it. He was happy to use a metal mesh dog crate, but, not a fabric kennel. I even tried a super big one. Never any success.

The big dog kennel is still sitting in the house, although the doorway was blocked. I removed the blockage, yesterday. Within 10 minutes had claimed the kennel as her safe place.


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