Last night, I made a contorno with four courgettes. One of the courgettes was totally bitter. I couldn't identify the bitter courgette in the dish, so, ate the whole thing.

It did spoil the meal somewhat.

For the first time in years I made a Toffee Apple Crumble, and served it with ice cream (the best accompaniment).

It was weird not eating any of it myself.

Wednesday is my usual food shopping day.

To-day, I really noticed food prices have increased. It isn't particular products. It is increases across the board.

Do you know what I can't get?
Sausages without additives.

I wanted to get sausages with just meat and fat as ingredients. Nope, not possible. All the ones I've seen for sale contain one or more of the following: rusk, artificial colouring, flavour enhancers, preservatives.

I've investigated all the local butchers, and the supermarkets. I used to make my own, but, I don't have the time for that, currently.

I might have overdone it with the garlic.

No, that's not possible.

Lidl sell a very good brand of Bratwurst (Dulano).

I had intended to eat just three, but they were so good, I ate all six.


I'm looking forward to to-night's dinner.

I had Butter Chicken (curry-like, with lots of sauce) for dinner on Friday and Saturday. I used shredded cabbage on the first evening, and courgetti on the Saturday. They both worked really well as rice (or naan) replacements. The cabbage probably has the edge for mopping-up the sauce.

I've had a Christmas tradition of making Veg Medley (turnip, carrot & parsnip, cooked in fat) for 20+ years. I'm a bit late this year (should have been 10 days ago, obviously), but I'd over-bought other veg.

Now that I've started cooking it, the smell is making me really hungry.

I'm having roast leg of mutton for my Boxing Day meal.

I don't like mint, but I've just discovered that lurachan (wild garlic - Allium ursinum) works nicely as an alternative. That it also tastes just like garlic (allium sativum) is a huge plus.

I'm just back home, after my morning walk. Time for lunch. Alongside lunch, I'm having red wine from the Douro valley in Portugal.

Is it too early in the day for imbibing? No! It is great.

A friend gave me some quails' eggs, this week. Aren't they cute? The blotches, and the tiny size is what makes them so pretty. I can only presume that hens have been selectively bred for centuries to have non-blotchy eggs, and I can't think why.

The quails' eggs were between 10 - 14g, compared to ~65g for a large hens' egg. I added a hens' egg to the photo as a visual comparison.

I haven't eaten anything sweet for 2½ years.

This week I was given some carrot cake, which had a generous topping of butter icing. It was made by the granddaughter of a work colleague. I felt obligated to eat it, just to be polite. It was very nice, and I enjoyed eating it, but what a mistake.

The next day I felt terrible, it was like having a hangover. I felt lethargic, getting out of bed was an effort, my body was sore, and I had a headache all day.

Never again.


Lies, damned lies and supermarket ready-to-eat fruit.

I didn't buy them. Bitter (sic) experience has informed me that they are never "perfectly ripe", nor "sweet and juicy". Not confined to Lidl, true of all supermarkets.

Sadly, all the fruit in store was wrapped in copious amounts of plastic, like these plums. Another reason not to buy them.

A calamity of biblical proportions hits Fife, as a 10 tonne load of Brussels Sprouts tips over in Rosyth.

Will we still have enough sprouts for Christmas? Should we panic buy now, in case of a shortage? Did the onlookers stuff their pockets with the precious vegetables? These, and other questions need answering.


Hing is also called asafoetida, but hing is much easier to spell.

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I've discovered that a hing & ginger combination, goes with just about everything.

Coming up later, to-day:
The chocolate taste test.

85% cocoa vs
90% cocoa vs
99% cocoa

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Starting the day properly. 😃

I like to have something fermented along with my breakfast. Usually this means sauerkraut, but sometimes other things like fermented beetroot.

This morning I opened the first jar of my latest batch of sauerkraut. It had a wee addition to the usual ingredients: GARLIC! It was great. 😋 I may never go back to plain sauerkraut.

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