I haven't eaten anything sweet for 2½ years.

This week I was given some carrot cake, which had a generous topping of butter icing. It was made by the granddaughter of a work colleague. I felt obligated to eat it, just to be polite. It was very nice, and I enjoyed eating it, but what a mistake.

The next day I felt terrible, it was like having a hangover. I felt lethargic, getting out of bed was an effort, my body was sore, and I had a headache all day.

Never again.


Lies, damned lies and supermarket ready-to-eat fruit.

I didn't buy them. Bitter (sic) experience has informed me that they are never "perfectly ripe", nor "sweet and juicy". Not confined to Lidl, true of all supermarkets.

Sadly, all the fruit in store was wrapped in copious amounts of plastic, like these plums. Another reason not to buy them.

A calamity of biblical proportions hits Fife, as a 10 tonne load of Brussels Sprouts tips over in Rosyth.

Will we still have enough sprouts for Christmas? Should we panic buy now, in case of a shortage? Did the onlookers stuff their pockets with the precious vegetables? These, and other questions need answering.

Credit: twitter.com/C_NHenderson/statu

Hing is also called asafoetida, but hing is much easier to spell.

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I've discovered that a hing & ginger combination, goes with just about everything.

Coming up later, to-day:
The chocolate taste test.

85% cocoa vs
90% cocoa vs
99% cocoa

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Starting the day properly. 😃

I like to have something fermented along with my breakfast. Usually this means sauerkraut, but sometimes other things like fermented beetroot.

This morning I opened the first jar of my latest batch of sauerkraut. It had a wee addition to the usual ingredients: GARLIC! It was great. 😋 I may never go back to plain sauerkraut.

Yesterday, my OH was preparing kidney for , our Scottish Terrier. She left some bits aside, in a Tupper container, to deal with later. They were forgotten about, and sat in the (heated) kitchen overnight. Not knowing the contents I opened the container this morning.


The odour could knock-out a skunk at 100 metres, no problem.

I've never tried this, but apparently the lower leaves of the Butterwort can be used to curdle milk. Thus it is a natural & vegetarian alternative to rennet.

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"The planes will fly! There will be clean drinking water. There will be adequate supplies of glucose, milk solids and whey to make the Mars bars we need."
Boris Johnson 17/07/2019

Along with everything else Boris says, I hope he is wrong about Mars Bars. Mars Bars are such disgusting rubbish running out of them would be a good thing. Suffering a no-deal Brexit would *almost* be worth it.

is a terrier, but he is always ready for a Scooby Snack.

Although, I don't mean a Glasgow Scooby Snack which "consists of a hamburger, a sliced sausage, a bacon rasher, a potato scone, a fried egg and a slice of processed cheese, all contained within a floured hamburger bun and accompanied by tomato ketchup and brown sauce."


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Ayrshire Earlies (potatoes) have been given EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

That is great news.

However, I'm not sure at all what happens to this status when Scotland gets dragged out of the EU along with the rest of the UK (on Halloween probably).

My mother used to always say to me: "don't shovel down your food".

Well, as I suggested elsewhere on this thread I did make some fermented beetroot *without* garlic. I have been eating this version for about two weeks. My verdict: it is a bit boring without garlic. It doesn't have any kind of kick. It isn't as sour as sauerkraut, and the beetroot flavour is nice, but a bit bland.

The garlic will be making a comeback for the next batch of fermented beetroot. OH even suggested making fermented garlic, sounds enticing.

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Making some Cajun spice.
Accidently snorted some.

Folks, don't do drugs.

Wild harvest

Lurachan - allium ursinum - wild garlic

Last week my OH harvested loads of wild garlic (it grows all around the house), minced it in the food processor with olive oil and packed it into jars. Fantastic! We will be able to enjoy it all summer long.

It is really good as a condiment, and for flavouring in things like soft cheese.

Currently experimenting with homemade fermented beetroot. We had the first batch this morning.

OH reckons I over did it with the garlic, I think that isn't possible. 😃

Tastes great, looks fantastic and repels vampires from 100 metres plus. I'm happy. A full (easy) recipe coming soon.

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