The pedant in me believes this should be called a greyout, not a whiteout.

Thirty seconds later not only could the mountains not be seen, my hand in front of my face was obscured.

Canal Life.

For the last few weeks I've been seeing this juvenile Great Cormorant (Gairgeann - Phalacrocorax carbo) on a canal pontoon. Any time I've seen it, I didn't have a telephoto lens. Any time I took a long telephoto lens, I wouldn't see the bird. This photo is a crop from an image taken with my 40-150 zoom. Not ideal, but, acceptable.

To allow the birds to catch fish by diving, they don't have oily feathers. Consequently, they have to dry their wings.

On the opposite bank of the canal we witnessed a long line of tups doing a march past. I don't what caused them to walk in single file like that.

I always enjoy seeing perfect reflections in the still canal waters.

There was glorious weather on to-day's , we were bathed in golden light.

However, it was much colder; there are changes afoot. Winter is coming.

Canal Life

This is the first fishing vessel I've seen going through the canal, this year. It may be I've just missed seeing them. However, I think it is more likely that fewer working boats are operating.

The "CN" on the side of this boat means it is registered in Campbeltown.

We did it again. Lashing rain when we left the house, and on our return. Sunshine on the whole .

As mentioned elsewhere, we encountered lots of Waxwings, which were gorging on the Rowan berries. Good luck, little birds, you'll need that food to sustain you on your long journey.

Canal Life

"It sure was nice for the humans to provide these airstrips for us ducks."

It's that time of year

Y'now, even the bracken looks nice in the autumn.

Bracken - Froineach - Pteridium aquilinum

I was speaking to a friend who uses his campervan in his role as a mountain guide. It enables him to have early starts on the mountains, all over the Highlands.

However, he told me he is selling his campervan. He has heard too many reports of campervans & motorhomes being vandalised. He blames all the bad press about motorhome visitors trashing the , particularly on the NC500. He will use a, less conspicuous, pickup truck instead.

Good people suffering because of idiots.

Last night, when travelling home, it was only 1°C, and this morning there was fresh snow on the hills.

We seem to be going straight from summer into winter.

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Canal Life

Spotted this kayaker, fishing on the canal. They had two forward facing rods, and one at the rear. As they were paddling, even the forward facing rods had their fishing lines dragging behind the kayak. The kayaker didn't come ashore when I was passing, so, I never got to enquire.

Apologies for the poor photo, it was taken with my smartphone at a distance of 200m.

It's that time of year.

A bulbous fungus at the edge of a path.
A cascade on a small burn.
Bright orange fungi on a path.

Canal Life.

I spoke to the "crew" of this yacht, that was moored at the side of the canal. They were complaining that it was cold in the cabin, in spite of the diesel heater they had on-board.

They were traversing the canal to get to the North Sea, and then to Norway, for the winter. I refrained from suggesting that they might find it even colder in Norway.

The weather is now officially atrocious. The was cut short. It wasn't worth battling through the ferocious wind and lashing rain. Even , who loves her walkies, wanted to turn tail.

We were both looking forward to lunchies, too.

The last few rainy days I've been listening to Beethoven.

The conditions have now become full-on Rachmaninoff - Isle of the Dead weather. I wish I could find a free audio source to post.

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