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Read Trish & Frans story to find out why Brexit is making Scots' families into exiles.

"So there we are. In three weeks, Frans and I must leave our home in Scotland to keep our sole income."

Swooping lines & shadows.

The last of my "manual panorama" photos. This shot is 270° around from the first photo.

The right most mountain peak is usually an easy stroll from this point of the walk, but all that snow would make it hard. It was too late in the day, and I still had a 2.5 hour walk back to the car.

It was a great day.

Scottish tundra

This photo is 180° around from the image I posted first (the accidental one). I just avoided looking directly into the setting sun. The landscape is beautiful in a bleak sort of way.

Thankfully the wind was at my back now. 😃

Blown snow in the late afternoon.

You can't tell from a single static photo that there is a gale blowing from the east (from the right). There was really deep snow on this high plateau, but the gale had blown some of the snow off the grass and into huge drifts.

If you look closely at the mountain in the background, there are snow drift lines, also created by the strong winds.

An accidental photo.

I was setting up my camera on the tripod when I inadvertently touched the remote trigger release, and took a photo.

The funny thing is you can see my shadow with my outstretched arm reaching towards the tripod. My error captured for posterity.

There are several Grey Mare's Tail (horsetail) waterfalls in Scotland. We consider this one to be ours, as it is only a short walking distance from home.

It is about 30m tall and 5m across.

Had a very pastoral time on today's


* Sheep were having a tough time finding things to eat. 2 mins later the farmer arrived with hay.

* Underground construction work continues

* loves doing rollies

* The pony had a nosh bag

A short distance on from the gorse bush, I found these remains.

This is pooped gorse flowers. Almost certainly from a meat eater who isn't able to digest gorse flowers. I have seen similar droppings containing Rowan berries. I suspect this was from a Pine Marten (Taghan - Martes martes).

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Also on today's I photographed this:

Gorse - Conasg - Ulex europaeus

The amazing thing is that the gorse is coming out in bloom, just when no self-respecting pollinator is about. The gorse only have the flowering snowdrops for company.

Science hasn't really explained this strategy, but it might be that so few plants flower at this time that the gorse gets the few pollinators that are around.

Sexy forestry equipment
Komatsu Forwarder 865

Max speed: 13mph
0-60: Don't be daft
Passengers: 0
Weight: 19 tonnes
Price: ~£200,000

We have a tradition of eating a blue cheese with Graham's LBV port on Hogmanay evening.

This year we had a completely new (to us) cheese from Tain in the east Highlands. Although blue-veined it doesn't have a crust like Stilton, so no "wastage".

The cheese is bread loaf shaped and quite moist. It has an even more unusual name: Blue Murder.

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Recommended.

Power is back on.

Predictably electricity was cut due to a tree falling on the power lines.

Still blowing a gale, power could go off again at ..:connection lost:..

The Geminids are coming.

Who can tell me where, when & how to best see them?

For once the forecast suggests there might be a clear sky tomorrow.

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