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Bank Street, Inverness
Circa 1890

Inverness Castle in the background

Source: Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

I've decided to put all of my photos in one place.

Each photo will be accompanied by one English common name, one Gaelic common name and the botanical name.

Here is the first one:

It hasn't stopped raining for days.
I'm building one of these, just in case.


Here is a photo of on a recent long walk. It was hot that day, and I could see he was contemplating a dip in the cool river. In the end he decided that discretion was the better part of valour.

He did what a smart pooch would do and went downstream to a shallower stretch of river and cooled his paws.

His human companions did the same, and we all enjoyed the view.


Last night I received my first midgie bites of the year.

Highland midgie -Meanbh-chuileag - culicoides impunctatus

I hereby announce that I will NOT be venturing outside again until the first frosts in September/October.

Glorious. Glorious. Glorious.

Fantastic weather for today's . Another best-of-the-year-so-far. Around 20°C, and virtually no clouds. We had an extra long 3½ hour walk. = hot & tired.

Came across an old abandoned house, which the forest had grown around. Lovely stonework. Felt rather poignant.

Lots of wood anomones in blossom everywhere: Lus na gaoithe - Anemone nemorosa

Today was definitely a "taps aff" weather day, as shown in the forecast (except for viewers in Grampian).

Battle of Culloden
April 16th 1746

The last battle of the Jacobite rising and on the British isles. The forces of Prince Charles were defeated by those of the Duke of Cumberland (Butcher Cumberland).

The defeat not only ended the aspirations of the Stuart dynasty, but also led to the attempted destruction of Highland culture, the clan system and the Gaelic language.

Gutted I missed seeing this...

What appears to be a white emu stopped traffic on the A82 trunk road just south of Fort Augustus.

Apparently, white emus are pretty rare, and I can assure you emus of any kind are even more rare in the Highlands of Scotland.

Glorious sunshine on tonight's . The only downside to this run of great weather is the small ponds drying out, which is a disaster for thousands of tadpoles.

Spotted my first local lamb of the year. It was a Blackface/Cheviot cross.

Only found one red deer antler tonight, but it was a nice five-pointer.

Dublin is in Ireland, right?

It is a small hamlet near Alness, in the Scottish Highlands.

For the life of me I couldn't find Trinity College, Grafton Street or the Liffey. I did find a cute castle though.

Never mind, the coffee may have tasted of flask, but the surroundings made up for it.

I was sipping my coffee while gazing out across Loch Ness on a beautiful sunny afternoon. It hasn't got too busy with tourists yet, so I was able to enjoy the scenery in relative peace. Great!

I didn't see Nessie.

The ferries from 1926 & 1973 used the same concept of a turntable to make it easier to get vehicles on/off the ferry. Modern day turntable type ferries still exist. Just a few miles north of Ballachulish is the Corran Ferry.

Moving on nearly 50 years, here is the same ferry crossing at Ballachulish. This cine film was taken in 1973.

A fascinating look at how things used to be done.

Driving between Glasgow and Fort William either meant a long drive around Loch Leven, via Kinlochleven, or getting the Ballachulish Ferry.

This video shows the ferry crossing in 1926.

Highland Haggis Festival
Sunday April 7th 2019
Spean Bridge, Lochaber

"Celebrating the diversity of Scotlands's most loved Haggis alongside a huge variety of wonderful Scottish made food and drink."

Oh wow!
Fantastic weather for today's , sunniest of the year, so far.

There was a frost this morning and it was still cool in the shade, but in the sunshine it felt like summer.

On the hill I found a Red Deer antler. By the time I got back to the car I had found four more.

Sorry, no doggie photos today. 🐶

It was the spring equinox the other day, so it was time to have a less wintry Profile header photo.

The new photo is of Castle Tioram which sits in the middle of Loch Moidart, Lochaber.

Speechless (an that doesn't happen often).

"In GOD We Trust."
"Question everything. Believe nothing and no one."


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