The power of movies

The false report that Saddam Hussein's regime was developing chemical weapons was based on scenes from the 1996 movie "The Rock".

The false claims weren't cross-checked with weapons experts, and was subsequently used as justification for British involvement in the Iraq War.

"They say every atom in our bodies was once a part of a star."

In Wolfgang Petersen's Troy (2004), Achilles' primary ambition is to be remembered as the greatest warrior of all-time.

Instead, he is mostly remembered for being a "heel"?

"They pull a knife,
you pull a gun.

He sends one of yours to the hospital,
you send one of his to the morgue.

That's the Chicago way!"

I'm not a fan of Formula 1 racing. However, there is something wonderful about the movie "Grand Prix" (1966). The romance of the cars of this era is un-escapable. It is getting late, but, I must watch a little more.

RIP Vangelis
1943 - 2022

Thanks for all the great music. I will listen to "1492: Conquest of Paradise", to-morrow.

In my imagination this scene (a regular) always reminds me of The Gates of Argonath (The Pillars of Kings), from The Lord of the Rings.

I know, over-active imagination.

I'm doing some "work" on the computer, before going out for the afternoon . I have Within Temptation's album "Mother Earth" playing in the background. Superb album. It is now on its second back-to-back spin.

Celtic Metal inspired by the movie "Braveheart" (1995), apparently.

Movie bugbears #457

To give the impression that a car is moving fast around corners, they add "tyres screeching on tarmac" noises. No matter if the car is travelling on: gravel, sand, snow or mud, it is always the same sound.


All this recent talk about Michelle Pfeiffer, has put me in the mood to re-watch her in one of her best movie roles: The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989).

The movie tells the story of a struggling piano combo, in Seattle, who hire an unknown singer, who turns out to be a sensation. Pfeiffer plays the singer, and Jeff & Beau Bridges play the titular boys.

Short review to come.

What an amazing coincidence!

I only discovered about the movie Stardust (2007) last week. To-night, I not only found out that the chariot scene was filmed on Eilean a' Cheò, but, my mate, Mick, was in charge of safety for Michelle Pfeiffer.

Michelle had to wear a safety harness, and Mick knows all about harnesses as an experienced climber. Several times a day Mick had to put his arms around Michelle to check the harness was secure.

Some people have all the luck.

No Way Out (1950)

The most powerful commentary on US race relations I have ever seen. I have no idea why this movie isn't better known.

The three leads (Darnell, Poitier and Widmark) are all excellent. This movie introduced Sidney Poitier, and it is clear why he later became a major movie star. Widmark is so believable as the racist Ray Biddle, and Darnell is compelling as the "caught in the middle" ex-wife.

Do whatever you have to do to see this movie. Not to be missed.

Just finished watching a DVD movie. First thing that appeared on-screen was this text:


Talk about setting expectations.

I'm watching "Good Bye, Lenin!" (2003).

A son and daughter perform a deception that the communist DDR is continuing in 1989/90, in an attempt to prevent their deeply socialist mother from suffering another heart attack.

A breakthrough performance by Daniel Brühl.

Absolutely superb film. Highly recommended.

At the end of the film I'm watching, the Westminster Parliament building is blown-up.

That scene always brings a tear to my eye,

Which reminds me of the classic line by Kenneth Williams, in Carry on Cleo (1964)

"Infamy, infamy; they've all got it infamy! [in for me]"

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