It was time for a new Profile header image. I'm now using a photo of .

My wee pal, , will make a return as a header image in the future.


I'm in the process of uploading all the photos of (that I posted on Fedi), to my website:

There will be more galleries.

I've also done the same for photos of :

I've been meaning to do this for ages, finally got around to it.

Happy Birthday, Neachdainn.

"My" wee "puppy" is 9 years old, to-day.

The attached photos of were taken a few days ago. He is shown enjoying exploring a frozen lake in the Pyrenees (where he now lives).

Early test report.

suffered terribly from snowballs on his legs. He had short legs with loads of long, curly hair, which exacerbated the problem. Snow boots were never very successful.

is having no such problems. She has long legs, with short, straight hair. Her hair also has a Teflon™ coating. Everything, including snow, just slips off.

Of course, it might be that the current snow (cold and dry) is the wrong type for balling. Time will tell.


Immediately upon removing the tick, Gruoch received her treat. Should (when) she get more ticks the same procedure will be followed. Hopefully, she will associate tick removal with getting treats. This strategy worked with .

We have been lucky this summer, as I've managed to remove all her (previous) ticks before they attached themselves. Black ticks on a white dog are easy to spot. 😃

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Canal Life I

One of my favourite locations for photographing , is now also a favourite with .

This is the southern opening of the Caledonian Canal into Loch Lòchaidh.

For years I tried to get to use a fabric dog kennel. It was intended for use whilst travelling. No matter what I tried he wouldn't use it. He was happy to use a metal mesh dog crate, but, not a fabric kennel. I even tried a super big one. Never any success.

The big dog kennel is still sitting in the house, although the doorway was blocked. I removed the blockage, yesterday. Within 10 minutes had claimed the kennel as her safe place.


The owner of this puppy has set a buy price of £2,000, which is more than I'd be willing to pay.

Furthermore, if I was to get another Scottie, I'd want one the same size as Neachdainn. is twice the size of some Scotties. He weighs 16kg, which is about the size of a Springer Spaniel. However, there are so few Scotties for sale I don't think I'd manage to be that choosy.

The attached photo shows Neachdainn (right) in comparison to another Scottie.

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From the archives...
Eight years ago.

Neachdainn as a puppy, when the beanbag was still big enough for him.

By special request...

Neachdainn at the beach, on the first day we had him.

Not only was Neachdainn such a cute puppy, he also had a great shadow. 😃

It may be snowing here, but, it is still time for a different profile header image. I need to feel that spring is just around the corner.

Still includes in the photo.

It has been a whole year since I saw my wee pal. I still miss having him around.

Changed my profile header image. Still using a photo of my wee pal,

Photo taken at this time, last year.

The Siberian puppy photo came from a pets-for-sale website. I was astounded at the current prices for buying dogs, both puppies and adults.

was bought for £400. The current starting price for any dog breed is £2,500. More exotic breeds command prices several times more than that.

Has Lockdown increased dog purchase prices?

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All this talk about spring reminded me it was about time to change my Profile header image. I've changed it to a photo I took of my wee pal, , in April of last year.

It won't change anything I write about on the Fediverse, with one HUGE exception. When my ex-girlfriend left, she took Neachdainn, "our" dog.

Neachdainn was always much more my dog. He only did what I asked him. I was the only one who was allowed to give him a bath. When watching the he always snuggled up next to me.

No matter, I wasn't the one who bought him.

Neachdainn, I'm missing you already.

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Hitchcock and only met once. So, we will never know if they could have become great friends (both male dogs). They went on a long walk together with their humans and Hitchcock's brothers & sisters. All the dogs got on well, but were initially kept on leash, just in case.

The attached photo shows the difference in size between Neachdainn and Hitchcock. Hitchcock was nearer to the average Scottie size, whereas Neachdainn is double the size at 16Kg.

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At the end of the we encountered this fascinating navigable aqueduct.

The two left-most arches allow a river to pass underneath the aqueduct, and the third arch allows access for pedestrians & small vehicles. The Caledonian Canal passes above the aqueduct, but is out of sight at this level.

, the Scottie dog, was a bit wary when he went through the tunnel at first. The second time, he went through like a pro.

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