I noticed on to-night's that lots of plants were highlighted by my headtorch, due to the light reflecting off dew on the leaves. It was like millions of magical faerie lights.

BTW that "thing" encroaching into the photo is a dog of my acquaintance, coming to see what I was doing. I thought that was funny, so I left him in the photo.

Disappointed doggie.

came rushing over, sat down, and looked at me expectantly, when I put a disc in my laptop drive. He always gets a treat when we watch a movie.

However, I was ripping a CD, not watching a film. So, no treat. I've explained this to Neachdainn before, but it hasn't sunk in. Huh, and they say dogs are smart!

Life with dogs.

woke me at 5am, he needed out for a piddle. I took him downstairs. I opened the backdoor for him, and stood there in my jammies. It was freezing. He didn't go out, as it was also lashing down with rain. While I was shutting doors and switching off lights he ran upstairs and claimed my position in bed. When I got back upstairs he was wagging his tail, he thought it was hilariously funny, and was pleased with himself.

I still love him.

The posse have lost us, but they have left a trail anyone could follow. In fact, the *scent* was so strong even we non-dogs could follow their trail using our noses.

We've evaded the posse, but the sheriff is organising the riders for another search.

The Posse
A Story in Three Parts

The posse are looking for us, but they haven't seen us yet. Should we run or shoot it out?

Nothing quite like finishing the evening on a surreal note.

I was walking along the road, in the glen behind the house. We were passed twice, once in each direction, by a guy on a motorcycle. He was wearing a woolly hat and no helmet. When he passed the second time he waved profusely and shouted: "ooh, la, la" in a French accent. Neachdainn barked at him, in riposte.

Sex reared its ugly head on to-night's

As we arrived at the forestry track a Land Rover, with a dog cage, was leaving. When I opened the door for , he shot out at 100km/h. In fact, the whole walk was conducted at high speed, all the while his nose was 2cm from the road surface. Neachdainn was almost certainly tracking a bitch in heat.

I didn't have the heart to tell him she had probably left already in that Land Rover. It wasn't his lucky night.


I took several portrait photographs of on Saturday. I posted one photo already:


Some of the photos have Neachdainn right adjusted in the frame, instead of left. For some reason I find these photos less satisfying. Is it because I have a right-handed bias? Is it a cultural thing because I am used to using left-to-right writing? Something else? I don't know.

Dang! To-day's was another boil-in-the-bag™ adventure. I bet if I venture out without a jacket to-morrow, there will be a torrential downpour.

We went along the river. It was really pleasant.


This time of day is called "gloamin" in Scots. Seem so descriptive.

* A Scottish Junk, in the foreground.
* Evening view over the loch.

Photos from to-day's

* sitting on a bollard
* Cobweb highlighted by dew in the sunshine
* Trees reflected in the canal
* Porcelain fungus (Oudemansiella mucida) on a dead beech stump

In the early hours of September 19, the results started coming in. The first four areas to declare were wins for the No side. I could tell from the scale of the defeats that the independence side weren't going to prevail. I felt despondent.

I was only too glad to take outside for a piddle, as he requested. I couldn't watch yet more defeats. My dream was dying.

The happy, convivial atmosphere in the room had evaporated. The table full of snacks and drinks looked grotesque.

Around this time 5 years ago I had finished my stint at the Polling Place, and collected the stats from the Returning Officer. I met up with my Yes colleagues, who had been at some of the other Polling Places.

During the day I had received many, many more positive reactions from the voters. My colleagues had experienced the same. We all felt happy.

I went to a friends house, who was also a Yes campaigner, to watch the results on TV. came with me.

On today's and I encountered an old sheep fank. Judging from its condition, it hadn't been used for, at least, 20 years. Usually such constructions also have a sluice, to fill a sheep dip, but strangely this one didn't.

We also discovered a fascinating fir tree with enormous cones. I estimated the cones to be between 20-30 cm in height. Apologies for the poor photo, I only had my smartphone and I couldn't get closer than 50m from the tree.

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