I've mentioned before that has, without any training, taken it upon herself to wait patiently, while I photograph subjects. I've now noticed that she actually watches the wildlife I'm photographing.

Here she is looking across the canal, directly at the Cormorant, as I'm photographing it.

Eventually, I will just get Gruoch to take the photographs, too.

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We did it again. Lashing rain when we left the house, and on our return. Sunshine on the whole .

As mentioned elsewhere, we encountered lots of Waxwings, which were gorging on the Rowan berries. Good luck, little birds, you'll need that food to sustain you on your long journey.

I was considering the purchase of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 successor. I am very familiar with the LF1, and it is a superb, pocketable, compact camera.

There doesn't seem to be a direct successor to the LF1.

Cameras like the LX100 (I and II) are hard to find, and are very expensive, even secondhand.

I'm not sure what I will do.

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Canal Life.

I spoke to the "crew" of this yacht, that was moored at the side of the canal. They were complaining that it was cold in the cabin, in spite of the diesel heater they had on-board.

They were traversing the canal to get to the North Sea, and then to Norway, for the winter. I refrained from suggesting that they might find it even colder in Norway.

Canal Life II

the things hanging from the side of ships to protect against hitting the moorings are called fenders. The word is probably more familiar as the root of defender.

This ship really needs lots of fenders along both sides, to prevent collisions with the sides of the canal.

Canal Life I

One of my favourite locations for photographing , is now also a favourite with .

This is the southern opening of the Caledonian Canal into Loch Lòchaidh.

One doesn't realise how many spiders' webs there are until there is a sunny day with a heavy dew.

A votive offering to the great Pig God, the precise meaning of which is unknown to this photographer.

Wow! That is big.

Seen to-day when doing the dogwalk at the Caledonian Canal.

The boat is called the Lord of the Glens.

I was in the great city of Glaschu, to-day. It is a magnificent place, but, I'm sure glad to be back in the Highlands.

On the way down I passed Buachaille Èite Mhòr, partially covered in early morning mist/cloud. I just had time for one smartphone photo.

From the archives...
Exactly ten years ago.

Brodie Castle, near Forres.

Travelling in style.

I met an Italian couple who were cycling along the canal as part of their trip on the Great Glen Way. The man was pulling this "doggie carriage" behind his bike. Inside the carriage were two Cocker Spaniels (the other one was out, having a pee, when I took the photo).

The chap told me the carriage weighed 10kg, and the two dogs a combined 30kg. He told me the additional burden was fine on the flat, but, required some effort on uphill sections.

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Yesterday was another day in paradise. I didn't go for a long walk, just a short, leisurely, stroll along the canal-side.

It was one of those life affirming days when everyone I saw had happy, smiling faces.

I've just bought a GorillaPod-like tripod for use with my smartphone.

It came with a Bluetooth remote. The remote has a huge button for iOS 'phones, and a much smaller button for Android.

What are we to take from this?

iOS users either have comprehension problems or eyesight problems, hence the bigger button. 😃

At long last, I got my "new to me" camera bag. It is a Crumpler "Three Seven Daily". It easily accommodates my EM-1, with battery grip & 12-40 lens attached. Next to the camera is my 40-150 lens, and in the slot behind is my ElitePad 10" tablet.

There are plenty of additional pockets for the usual array of camera nik-naks.

The whole padded camera section can be removed, and the Crumpler can be used as a messenger bag.

Very pleased with my purchase, at £25 incl. delivery.

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By special request...

Neachdainn at the beach, on the first day we had him.

Not only was Neachdainn such a cute puppy, he also had a great shadow. 😃

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