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This is a photo of another Model T Ford. My eye was immediately drawn to the logo on the door, prominently including the two Scottie dogs. It wasn't until I got closer to the vehicle that I noticed the two live Scotties inside the Ford. The dogs are almost impossible to see, due to the "black cat in the coal cellar" factor.

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More details from old cars. This is a petrol (gas) can, mounted on the running-board. This was on another vehicle (not the Model T), which I forgot to note.

This is clearly the Shell logo, but, without the company name.

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Old cars have so many details that make interesting subjects on their own. Modern jelly-mold cars may be much more aerodynamic, but, they aren't as aesthetically interesting.

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One from the archives ( ten years ago).

One of them new-fangled automobiles.

"Everyone must wear a Hi-Viz vest;
no exceptions."

The dog was spotted patrolling outside one of the units in the industrial estate.

I had loads of things to do, to-day.

So, what did I do? Yeah, I went for a walk.

Well, it was sunny again.

On my outward journey I had spotted this lovely pool, and waterfall. However, it was too early, light wasn't getting into the ravine. On my return (at 1300) everything was nicely lit.

When I got to the pool I discovered a lady mountain-biker, cooling off in the water. We were both surprised to see each other, she more than me. Let's just say she wasn't wearing very much. I think we both assumed the area was deserted.

Hello, Seòna. 👋

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The track went on forever, I never did get to the end of it. I climbed the slightly pointy hill with the cloud above it. It was when I was on top of the hill that I photographed *my* cloud. The track continued long after the pointy hill.

The whole time I was out I only saw one other person. Bliss!

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The weather to-day was incredible. It was like a day in July, not April. This was the only wee cloud I saw the whole time I was out.

When I got back to the car the temperature had risen to 19°C. Not bad for this time of year, in the Highlands.

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There are lots of large burns coming down the hill to feed the river. Consequently, there are many bridges taking the track over these burns.

The track must've existed for a long time, because the bridges are all lovely stone-built ones like the one pictured. Tracks constructed in more recent times would have concrete bridges, not lovely stone work.

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In what seemed like no-time I had left behind the few small buildings at the start of the walk. I was properly in the countryside.

The track follows the edge of the river for most of its distance, which I enjoyed. Hearing the sound of running water is always so soothing. The water creates so many different sounds, too.

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It was a beautiful day. I went for a walk, a long walk.

Helpfully, there was a broad track which allowed easy access to the hills. The track is used to take deer-shooting parties also into the hills. I don't condone shooting for pleasure, but, that doesn't stop me using the track.

This photo only shows the reflected image of the wee cloud. The water was so still that the reflected image is near perfect.

A well established photo technique (painting too?) to see a familier scene with fresh eyes is to view it in a mirror. Scenes reflected in water have a similar effect, for me.


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A fairly large burn comes down the hill, and flows into the canal. The construction is a bridge across the burn, which carries a track. The track is used by the farmer to access his fields.

The use of stone as the construction material allows the bridge to form part of the landscape, in a way concrete can never do.

Note the vegetation growing in the top left corner of each archway.

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To-day's theme is reflections.

The following photos were all taken, this morning, from the tow-path of the Caledonian Canal.

Looking for recommendations.

I'm in the market for a new camera bag/rucksack.

I typically carry one SLR-sized camera (OM-D EM-1), plus two lenses 12-40 & 40-150. Ideally, I also need space for a 10-inch tablet and smartphone. A few nick-naks, too, like spare batteries, remote trigger, lens wipes etc.

For ease of access I'd prefer a shoulder bag, but the equipment weight might require use of a rucksack. Waterproof, or shower-proof.

I had things to do, to-day.

However, the sun was shining. I went for a walk.

The first photo shows the dam, which is little more than a stone wall. A sluice gate in the centre controls the water level.

The second photo is taken from the dam, and is looking up the lochan, in the opposite direction. A section of the "easy" path is shown in the foreground. I managed to choose a moment without strollers.


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I came across another daffodil. This one was on the barbecue plate of a picnic table, and inside the trumpet was a tiny Easter egg.

Children, eh?

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