"The planes will fly! There will be clean drinking water. There will be adequate supplies of glucose, milk solids and whey to make the Mars bars we need."
Boris Johnson 17/07/2019

Along with everything else Boris says, I hope he is wrong about Mars Bars. Mars Bars are such disgusting rubbish running out of them would be a good thing. Suffering a no-deal Brexit would *almost* be worth it.

Unconfirmed report that DEFRA* are making contingency plans to slaughter up to 9 million sheep in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

If true this will be like the foot and mouth outbreak only a lot worse.

Absolute madness.

* Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (for England)

There is a local authority ward called:

East Kilbride Central North
South Lanarkashire.

I hope that is clear.

If Boris Johnson wins the Tory leadership race (which he is still likely to do) then I fully expect Ross Thomson to be the next Secretary of State for Scotland.

I can't decide if he would be better or worse than Mundell. Not that the people of Scotland have any choice in either matter.

Spotted in Aberdeen.

Ross Thomson MP
Failing Aberdeen South

The weirdest thing about today's visit by Queen Elizabeth to the Scottish Parliament was the brass band dressed like a pipe band.

I've never seen such a thing before.

Sorry about the poor image quality, it is a screenshot from a video.

More bearskins than loyal subjects.

Although, I note one Butcher's Apron hanging from a window.

Queen Elizabeth is attending the Scottish Parliament today, so the crowds mass to cheer her as she passes.

Also interesting that the DM seems more perturbed about the BBC suppressing Johnson's insult, rather than the insult itself.

Though I do agree the BBC were wrong to cut this from their report. The public have a right to know how our Foreign Secretary is approaching "negotiations".

International diplomacy,
Boris Johnson style.

According to the Daily Mail Johnson called the French "turds" over their behaviour during the Brexit negotiations.

Shocking as this is, it is only likely to enhance Johnson's reputation with Brexiteers in the Conservative party.

According to The Guardian Jeremy Hunt is (distantly) related to British fascist party founder Oswald Mosley.

I suppose you can't choose your relations.

This just gets better and better (or worse and worse).

Two things not necessarily related.

1. How do you know when a politician is lying?

Their lips move.

2. Now watch this clip of a journo asking an *easy* personal question of Boris. It is absolutely amazing:



If Boris had admitted he'd had an argument with his girlfriend everyone would have accepted that, and moved on.

However, he (or his team) made an attempt at news management by publishing a "lovey-dovey" photo of him & his girlfriend (attached). Boris won't answer when the photograph was taken.

It is no longer a personal matter, it is now a question of honesty & integrity.

While I'm dishing out criticism, I note that 12 SNP MPs voted against the 5 weeks holiday motion. Why only 12, where were the rest of them?

I also note that, with the exception of 3 MPs, the Labour block all abstained on the vote for taking 5 weeks of summer holidays.

They couldn't even take a position on whether to take holidays, or not, at this crucial time.

Abstaining is a disease.

"Please do not waste this time."
Donald Tusk
April 11 2019

UK Parliament today,
votes to have summer holidays:
July 25 - September 3 2019

No worries, nothing important.

The Sunday Times commissioned poll was a weighted sample of 1024 voters in Scotland, and it asked the standard referendum question with the additional proviso that Boris Johnson was Prime Minister

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Yes 53%
No 47%

Come on, Boris.

Can you guess who is the subject of this quote:

"He's lied his way through life, he's lied his way through politics, he's a huckster with a degree of charm to which I am immune. As well as being mendacious, he's incompetent."

Don't look it up, take a guess.
I'll provide the answer later today.

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