Free fibre broadband for everyone is in the news, due to the "sales pitches" by Labour & Conservatives in the General Election campaign.

However, did you know that everyone in the UK would likely already have fibre connections, had Margaret Thatcher not forced BT to sell off their world-class factories in 1991?

According to Dr Peter Cochrane, former CTO at BT, this is what happened:

One other thing about Boris Johnson, which will likely haunt him for the rest of this campaign.

He has deliberately avoided answering the question about how many children he has. The number of children he has isn't really important, but the fact he avoids answering the question seems *really* odd. Are you hiding something, Boris?

has certainly achieved the entertainment quotient this week.

Johnson flees from protestors chanting: "He hasn't got the balls". Corby gets heckled at Labour meetings in Scotland, twice. Swinson's ego bus gets blocked by protestors. Sturgeon chips some nail varnish, in East Dunbartonshire.*

Add in some pie-in-the-sky manifesto "promises", and we have all the makings of a classic election.

* I may have invented that last one.

Nominations window (4pm to-day) for the General Election has just shut. Full lists of candidates for each constituency can now be reported.

Boris Johnson's favourite track by The Clash ought to be: "Should I Stay or Should I Go".

The answer being the latter.

I've noticed that "stop Brexit" has been replaced with "escape Brexit".

I like it.

Westminster voting intentions for Scotland:

SNP: 42% (+5)
Con: 22% (-7)
LibDem: 13% (+6)
Lab 12% (-15)
Brexit P 6% (+6)
Greens: 4% (+4)

YouGov 31 Oct - 04 Nov
(Changes with GE2017 result)

This isn't the only poll to indicate Labour slipping into oblivion.

How the Conservatives see Nicola Sturgeon & Jeremy Corbyn.

How the rest of the World sees Boris Johnson.

Talking of , here are a couple of photos from his campaign launch.

They say the camera never lies, but it can be economical with the truth.

Boris Johnson is visiting Moray, to-day. I'm hoping, and expecting, some concerted booing by the public. Assuming he actually meets some of the public, and isn't hiding away in some factory, a la Theresa May.

I'm expecting this Fleetwood Mac song to be chosen as the LibDems campaign theme for

First official day of the General Election campaign, and the Tories, Labour and LibDems are all vying to outdo each by being the most mendacious and incompetent.

Despite a valiant solo effort by Jo Swinson, the Conservatives are still leading the inglorious pack.

Only 36 days to polling.

Jo Swinson was asked why she wouldn't support a Corbyn government. Her response was that she doubts Corbyn would give the orders to fire the Trident nuclear weapons.

That tells you everything you need to know about the Yellow Tories.

The most unsettling thing about that Zuckerberg photo is that close behind him is former LibDem politician & former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. Clegg is now a VP at Facebook.

On top of everything else I don't like people wearing jumpers under a suit jacket. If it is cold, get a waistcoat.

I don't agree with Nick.

The LibDems are spending a fortune promoting themselves in this constituency (Ross, Skye and Lochaber). I have lost count of the number of leaflets by them in the last few weeks. They must be really keen to unseat Ian Blackford.

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