"Doesn't post to Scottish Highlands"

is becoming more, and more common.

Westminster voting intentions for Scotland:

SNP: 42% (+5)
Con: 22% (-7)
LibDem: 13% (+6)
Lab 12% (-15)
Brexit P 6% (+6)
Greens: 4% (+4)

YouGov 31 Oct - 04 Nov
(Changes with GE2017 result)

This isn't the only poll to indicate Labour slipping into oblivion.

How do you fancy running the world's first (1712), and oldest, Post Office?

The present owners of Sanquhar Post Office, in Dumfries and Galloway, plan to retire soon, so get your applications in to-day.

A couple of photos from Eilean a' Cheò (Isle of Skye), taken nearly 100 years ago.

The first photo is of Sligeachan. The famous bridge is just out of view. The standard of the road these days has improved, just.

The second photo is of Port Rìgh (Portree). You probably don't see sheep being driven up the the streets very often now, but who knows?

Jimmy McGrory is probably the most extraordinary footballer Scotland has ever (will ever) produce.

During his career (1922-38) he scored 538 goals in 534 appearances. Included in that tally was 56 hat-tricks, one was a double, when he scored 8 goals against Dunfermline.

For some inexplicable reason he never translated his club success into international appearances. He only played for Scotland seven times, but still managed 6 goals.

The National's Yes Rally,
George Square,

Saturday, November 2nd
13:30 - 15:30

Even bigger news...

I'm hearing rumours that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will soon make a commitment to have a second Scottish Independence Referendum in autumn 2020.

Yes. Yes. Yessss!

"Scottish independence will lead to chaos."

So says Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the government which is world's biggest laughing stock, due to never ending chaos.

Good to see that the Radical Independence Conference was so busy in Glasgow, to-day.

Included in the agenda was a presentation by Clara Ponsatí. The audience made it clear that they opposed the curtailment of political freedoms in Catalonia.

The proceedings were filmed. I'll post a link once the video is available online.

Born on this day, October 26, 1911
Somhairle MacGill-Eain
Sorley MacLean

MacLean was one of the foremost Gaelic poets of the 20th century. One of his major themes was the Highland Clearances. His best known poem, Hallaig, covered this topic in a very personal way, as it is also the name of the village where he was born, on the Isle of Raasay.

MacLean died aged 85 in Inverness, in 1996.


Isn't this a cute poster?

The Aberdeen Line was a shipping company founded in 1825. At one point the line had the world's fastest clipper, the Thermopylae, which even beat the famous Cutty Sark. In 1933 the company merged with the Australian Commonwealth Line to become the name in the poster.

What makes the poster even more appropriate is that Scottie dogs are also known as Aberdeen Terriers (my preferred name).

In response to all the criticism about the reduced sugar version of Irn Bru, the soft drinks maker, AG Barr, are going to launch an original recipe version.

Irn Bru 1901 will be made using the original recipe, which, amazingly, has even more sugar than the recently discontinued version.

Dentists across the country will be bracing themselves for an influx of new business.

"The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has landed in Dublin seeking political asylum, along with her deputy, John Swinney, and the party’s constitutional affairs minister, Mike Russell. Their hasty departure follows the conviction of 13 Scottish "separatists" who helped organise the illegal 2022 independence referendum."

That is fiction, but what is happening in Catalonia isn't...

An excellent article by Iain MacWhirter

It's Friday!


"Meet Barbie from Scotland, and learn about the country."

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