Flash Gordon (1980)

It is now 40 years since this cult classic was filmed, including the opening airfield scenes which were shot on the Isle of Skye.

There have been rumours of a remake for some years, but nothing definite yet.

This version of the 1930s comic strip is a lot of fun, and has a great soundtrack by Queen. A more in-depth review coming soon.

Thanks to @gedvondur for the reminder.

Want to appear in a new forthcoming Netflix period drama being filmed in the Highlands?
Live within travelling distance of Aviemore?

Netflix are needing extras for the new production being filmed in September. The extras will be paid.

Applications here:

The Clyde Bar,
Helensburgh, Scotland.

I get the feeling they might be proudly Scottish, don't know why, just a feeling.

Ayrshire Earlies (potatoes) have been given EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

That is great news.

However, I'm not sure at all what happens to this status when Scotland gets dragged out of the EU along with the rest of the UK (on Halloween probably).

I can't believe this:

* it is only 10°C outside
* the rain is pelting down
* it's July in the Highlands
* I'm lighting the wood burning stove

There is a local authority ward called:

East Kilbride Central North
South Lanarkashire.

I hope that is clear.

Particularly abundant on felled woodland areas, rocky waste ground, and often where you don't want them.

Common foxglove - Lus nam ban-sìth - Digitalis purpurea

They are a biennial, producing downie leaves only in the 1st year and the easily recognisable flowers in the 2nd year. Grows up to 235cm.

The Gaelic common name suggests they are for the women fairyfolk rather than gloves for foxes.

As promised, the fruit of:

Wild Strawberry - Tlachd-shùbh - Fragaria vesca

As you can see from the second photo "someone" has been nibbling the ripe fruit already.

The wild fruit are about ⅓ the size of commercially grown strawberries.

My post showing the Wild Strawberry flowers:


The marchers arrive at the end point, and the start of the rally, Low Green, Ayr.

The first photo shows a MacBraynes bus on Station Brae, Fort William. This is a great example of integrated transport in the mid-20th century, which doesn't exist now. The train station to the bottom right (castellated building), the pier straight ahead and the bus station (out of photo) to the left. Each within "spitting distance" of the other.

The second and third photos show the marvellous art deco style bus station with some more busses.

I just love these old MacBraynes' busses. The design, the lines and the colour schemes are great. Modern busses in comparison look boring.

MacBraynes were an institution in the & Islands, operating bus, lorry & ferry services across the whole region.

The company was merged with the Caledonian Steam Packet Co., and the two became known as Caledonian MacBrayne, or CalMac for short.

Photos from the late 1950s & 60s.

Another Brexit "dividend".

Scotland has lost out on the filming of the Lord of the Rings TV series.

The stated reason was "the tumultuous Brexit situation." What a scunner.


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