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At the western end of the loch there is an outflow (river) called Luineag. It really caught the low-level sunshine in the morning. Around the edges the water was frozen, but the fast flowing parts were ice free.

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Yesterday, I was in the central Highlands, to go walking with a friend. Specifically we were in the area around An Aghaidh Mhòr (Aviemore). We had a great time, the scenery was fantastic, and the weather was almost unbelievable for February.

I'll be posting quite a few photos from the day's adventures.

This first photo is of Loch Mhùrlaig (Loch Morlich), and was taken about 2 minutes after we parked the car. Bright blue skies, no wind, and -2°C temp.

Aren't these lovely?
I particularly like the numbers printed on them.
Sadly, I don't have them often enough. 😃

On to-night's we startled a Red Deer (Fiadh-ruadh - Cervus elaphus) hind as we were approaching a gate. The deer felt trapped, and ran a short distance to our left, and then majestically jumped over the fence to make its escape. Ironic, as the fence was a deer fence, and is 2 metres high. Granted, there was a slight decline down to the fence, but impressive athletic ability regardless.

Another excellent event celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Entertainers including: Breabach, Steve Byrne, Sheena Wellington, Billy Kay & Donald Smith.

Hosted by Alistair Heather.

Saturday April 4th, 2020, at 8pm.
Webster Theatre, Arbroath.

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As part of the celebrations marking the 700th anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath (signed April 6, 1320), the National Museum of Scotland will be displaying the actual document for the first time in 15 years.

A wee reminder:
the Glasgow march is next Saturday.

AUOB Independence March
January 11th, 11:30

Kelvingrove - Glasgow Green

Quite by chance I stumbled across the fact that the 70s band "Middle of the Road" were from . Who knew? I would never have guessed it from Sally Carr's singing accent (typical mid-Atlantic).

MotR had a string of hits in the early seventies, with "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" probably their best known (UK #1 for 4 weeks).

MotR have also been credited as inspiration for the Swedish supergroup ABBA.

A photograph of a waterfall* taken during the on Boxing Day.

The second version was taken with a very slow shutter speed to create a cotton wool effect. Surprisingly, even though the cotton wool shot was a full one second exposure, done hand held, the non-moving parts of the photo were still fairly sharp.

The waterfall, from top to bottom, was about 10 metres.

* Waterfall/cascade/horsetail? I'm never sure when one becomes the other.

At the end of the we encountered this fascinating navigable aqueduct.

The two left-most arches allow a river to pass underneath the aqueduct, and the third arch allows access for pedestrians & small vehicles. The Caledonian Canal passes above the aqueduct, but is out of sight at this level.

, the Scottie dog, was a bit wary when he went through the tunnel at first. The second time, he went through like a pro.

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Two photos from the Christmas Day

Unseasonably warm weather recently, although it was about 2°C when I took the photos. The mist everywhere gave the scene a romantic look, but it depresses colours and softens outlines.

What do you think is best, landscape or portrait format?

Glasgow’s annual folk, roots and world music festival, Celtic Connections celebrates Celtic music and its connections to cultures across the globe.

From January 16th – February 2nd 2020​

A calamity of biblical proportions hits Fife, as a 10 tonne load of Brussels Sprouts tips over in Rosyth.

Will we still have enough sprouts for Christmas? Should we panic buy now, in case of a shortage? Did the onlookers stuff their pockets with the precious vegetables? These, and other questions need answering.


Spontaneous anti-Tory demo in Glasgow city centre (Buchannan Street) last night, in response to the UK election result.

Who loves ya, Boris? Not Glasgow, it seems.

A little advance warning.

AUOB Independence March
January 11th, 11:30

Kelvingrove - Glasgow Green

If we can have elections in December, we can have marches in January.

I missed this late Westminster voting intention poll from Survation (I'd gone to bed).

This is for Scotland only:

SNP 43.2 (37)
Cons 27.9 (29)
Lab 19.8 (27)
LD 7.3 (nc)
Brexit 0.5 (-)

(Figures in brackets are GE 2017)

On a *uniform* swing the Tories might lose a few marginal seats. Labour might be reduced to one, again. The LibDems would likely lose a few. The SNP would approach 50.

Did you know...?
The Unionist part in "Conservative and Unionist Party" was in reference to Ireland, not Scotland.

The Liberal Unionist Party was formed from a faction of the Liberal Party who opposed Irish Home Rule, in 1886. They co-operated with the Conservatives who also opposed IHR. The two parties formally merged in 1912, becoming Conservative and Unionist.

Of course, the Tories do oppose Scottish independence, too.

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