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Another dreich day, to-day. Our run of good weather has come to an end. My hopes for a Altweibersommer are dashed.

I can't complain, the weather in the Highlands has been great this year.

To-day is the seventh anniversary of Scotland's independence vote. It is a bittersweet memory.

The weeks and months leading up to the vote were some of the best times of my life. I made so many new friends. The possibility of making a better place felt within our grasp.

However, even though the vote was a resounding Yes in my home area, overall we lost by a narrow margin.

It was the best of times, and the worst of times.

Let's do it again.

Canal Life II

the things hanging from the side of ships to protect against hitting the moorings are called fenders. The word is probably more familiar as the root of defender.

This ship really needs lots of fenders along both sides, to prevent collisions with the sides of the canal.

Canal Life I

One of my favourite locations for photographing , is now also a favourite with .

This is the southern opening of the Caledonian Canal into Loch Lòchaidh.

It takes unlimited quantities of chutzpah for a manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes to name their brand "Swift".

Freedom Day!

Yesterday, was allowed her first walk without a leash.

Her recalls were OK, but, her equivalent of "walk at heel" was terrible. Walkies will be on leash again, until that problem is resolved. It is for her own safety.

Freedom is temporarily suspended.

This clever Border Collie would wait for a human to walk past the garden. Just as the humans were passing, the Collie would drop the green ball through the fence. The Collie knew that humans would then throw the ball into the garden, thus completing one iteration of a day-long game.

As the garden was alongside the Caledonian Canal path, there were always plenty of participating humans. Collies are clever.

One doesn't realise how many spiders' webs there are until there is a sunny day with a heavy dew.

A votive offering to the great Pig God, the precise meaning of which is unknown to this photographer.

Nearly 01:00 hrs, and it is still 18°C. I'm calling that sultry.

Wow! That is big.

Seen to-day when doing the dogwalk at the Caledonian Canal.

The boat is called the Lord of the Glens.

Nice to see lots of Bluebells when I was out for yesterday afternoon's dogwalk. hasn't got used to photography yet, so, no close-ups. 😃

Scottish Bluebell
Campanula rotundifolia

You can recognise the tourists, they're the ones wearing jackets.

I was in the great city of Glaschu, to-day. It is a magnificent place, but, I'm sure glad to be back in the Highlands.

On the way down I passed Buachaille Èite Mhòr, partially covered in early morning mist/cloud. I just had time for one smartphone photo.

The MacDonald boys playing golf.
Around 1755

Alexander (left) holding the golf club, and James (right) holding the musket (presumably, to shoot birdies 😃 ).

From the archives...
Exactly ten years ago.

Brodie Castle, near Forres.

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