For years I've wondered what the origin was for nom nom nom. So, tonight I looked it up. "Om nom nom nom" was a phrase used by the Cookie Monster on the US television show for children, Sesame Street.

Huh, it's only taken me about 10 years to get around to discovering this fact.

BTW Choc chip cookies used to be one of my favourites, too.

I couldn't find .nom
Do you have to use the Domain Nom System? 馃槂

It is being reported that Derek Hatton has been suspended from the Labour party. I'm not sure he lasted a full 24 hours.

"You couldn't make it up."

The file upload dialogue (Web UI) offers webm, mp4 and m4v. Have you tried one of them?


Interesting that these three Tory resignations have utterly changed the nature of the Conservative government's majority. Previously, it was enough for the DUP to abstain and govt could still win a vote.

Now, if all opposition vote together govt need DUP to vote with them to win.

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I remember reading about PA when you mentioned it previously. I found this page which describes the English NHS treatment:
From your description it sounds like the Scottish NHS does the same.

I note from this page:
that it is possible to buy privately and self inject.

Not saying you should, or should have to, do these things. Just trying to be helpful.


I consider this to be an important bug in the Mastodon Web UI. It makes using Direct messages almost impossible, as you can't read the DM threads.


I suppose it might depend on where the B12 comes from, and whether the UK departs from the EU with a no-deal. At the very least it might make the injections much more expensive.

Can you get your B12 from eating it rather than injections?


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We saw a hare hiding in a field on our walk round Harlaw reservoir yesterday, first time I've seen one there. It was quite surprising as it's a popular place for professional dogwalkers.
There was also a cormorant on the reservoir.

@jamie @wizardofosmium
You can't beat a bit of political theatre. Although, in recent months it has all been farce. 馃槂

As predicted, just before PMQs.

Conservative MPs: Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston And Heidi Allen have quit the Conservative party. Will likely join TIG.

Are Margate *stuck* at the bottom? 馃槂

I'm sensing some rowing back by the likes of Phillip Lee MP. Maybe just threatening to quit the party.

The huge risk for splitters, and this includes TIG, is them losing their seats if there was a General Election. Their former parties would have to stand candidates and therefore the vote could be split, letting the opposition in.

Let's see what happens later today.

There is speculation that many Tory MPs may quit the party today. Possibly joining The Independent Group (or sitting alongside them).

If it were to happen today, shortly before PMQs would be the time to inflict maximum damage.

High Noon for Prime Minister's Questions.

Thanks for the confirmation. For whatever reason I am currently unable to see DM discussion threads. I'll need to check if anyone else has submitted a bug report.

Perhaps US folk are just interested in a *different* history. If your media don't discuss certain topics much, your friends won't either. If your friends don't discuss it, then where is the motivation for you to learn more?


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