You could have the Mars bars deep fried in batter. Not sure it will go with duck, I've never tried it.


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I don't fancy having Mars Bars with my Christmas meal.

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I don't want to spoil your sport, but YT plays fine without enabling any cookies.

The page you linked to, and the more detailed page doesn't seem to contradict the bullet list I posted earlier.


Oh, I don't know... As a founding member of I have consulted widely on this topic (well, a couple of Fediverse posts) and everyone *loved* Brussels Sprouts.

Joking aside a lot of the UK fruit & veg comes from the UK, if there is a "no-deal" then supplies may well be disrupted. Cancel Christmas.

Sadly, many a true word spoken in jest... 😢

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Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2019! September 7th & 8th in Prague, immediately following Rebooting Web of Trust. dustycloud.org/blog/activitypu

Space is limited, see post for details. We are also soliciting talks.

Hope to see you there!

Yeah, I think that is right, but it is difficult to train all users to that extent. I still come across users who don't understand copy and paste or who cannot use the browser address bar. Even users who cope with these things still fall for phishing scams.

I think the artice said that the malware was using a non-standard port to tranfer data via ssh (or scp).

I've never tried this, but apparently the lower leaves of the Butterwort can be used to curdle milk. Thus it is a natural & vegetarian alternative to rennet.

Getting back to posting some . These photos were taken in the second week of June.

Common Butterwort - Mòthan - Pinguicula vulgaris

These plants really love wet conditions, and will even grow on nearly bare rock as long as it is kept moist. It manages to do this because it supplements its nutrients by being carnivorous.

The plant is covered with fine "hairs" which on the leaves can trap, then digest flies.

It was like a folk memory.

In more recent times people voted LD because Charles Kennedy was a nice guy.


Not so long ago *all* of the Highlands were represented by Lib Dems/Libs MPs. The support seemed to stem from the creation of the Crofting Act. The Crofting Act was passed in 1886. 🤷‍♂️


Under the Nick Clegg leadership the LibDems were effectively Tories. They kept the Tories in government, after all.

For further reading see:


Seen elsewhere:

Jo Swinson CV

* Warned against rises in Minimum Wage
* Defended Tory Tribunal Fees
* Scrapped EMA
* Cut Disability Payments
* Backed Bedroom Tax
* Tripled Tuition Fees
* Voted to bomb several Muslim Countries
* Backed Austerity

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My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is: crummy.com/2019/07/22/0

Jo Swinson has been elected as the new leader of the Lib Dems.

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