On August 19th, 1745, Prince Charles Edward Stuart raised his standard at Glenfinnan. This was the start of his campaign to regain the throne for his father.

The monument in the photo marks the event, which locals refer to as "the '45".

I didn't know, either, but guessed from the context.

With reference to my other posts, I wonder if there is a market for renting outrageous camper trucks.

I never use them, I find them too bitter in a salad.


It is a company that specialises in renting Land Rover 4x4 vehicles, specifically Defenders.

To my over-active imagination it sounds like a job protecting the Highlands.

Ah, you'll want the version in black, with skulls on the front.

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Just goes to show that, for some, fame can be so transitory.

That said it seems odd that it was considered OK to paint over the original mural.

I thought FBI trucks were always black vans, with tinted windows.

I think the former is more likely than the latter. Although, the particular trees I was commenting on have quite good drainage.

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Correct. The only problem with cheap VPS is a lack of memory. How much does (single user instance) Nextcloud need?


I've been round this loop, many years ago. There aren't enough votes to lose for the politicians to solve this problem properly.


That is also the convenience of having a mobile data service, I can take it with me.


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