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The KLF - Justified and Ancient (Stand By The JAMs) - YouTube

Featuring Tammy Wynette!

It has been about -3°C all day. There was a bright object in the sky, but I couldn't see it through the mist. This weather does imbue a romantic feel. It is either that, or I will be savaged by The Hound of the Baskervilles any minute.

I don't understand why so many people in England don't see past Johnson's facade.

I fear it is too late for Corbyn. This isn't about policies, people will be judging him on his leadership potential, and have judged him lacking.

I've not seen any polling on the BT (Openreach) nationalisation policy, but I doubt it would have net negative outcome.

The relentless negative press ever since Corbyn became leader has probably done it for him. Still, after all the recent negative stories about BoJo, I'm surprised his rating has gone up.

I should imagine he probably has, but he might well have taken it literally.

This will be a devastating result for JC. Parties rely on their leaders being a credible PM. Labour might be able to turn around poor polling, but Corbyn's personal rating is probably not fixable. To win Labour need to improve both.

Voter preference polling for UK Prime Minister:

Boris Johnson: 47% (+6)
Jeremy Corbyn: 16% (-2)
Jo Swinson: 15% (-6)

(Changes against poll in Septemeber)

Extraordinary! BoJo could probably eat babies on live TV, and it wouldn't dent his popularity (in England).

I bet Pizza Express, Woking, is booked out for the rest of the month.

BTW have you ever been to Pizza Express in Woking?

Apparently, it is a memorable experience.

Remorse, or just sorry he might be forfeiting his income and prestige?

I can't remember who it was that called the Windsors "The Firm", as if they were the mafia. Very apt.

In Celtic mythology evil spirits weren't always women, but were sometimes. In mythology there was some equality.

In Scots (a Germanic language) there is the word kelpie which is a water spirit. A kelpie could change form from a horse to human, typically as a woman. The kelpie concept comes from a much older Celtic myth, and is known in Gaelic as Each-Uisge, literally water horse.

For years now I've been using a laptop without a mouse. I always found it inconvenient to move the laptop, with a mouse dangling at the end of the USB cable. My experience of wireless mice is that they eat batteries in no time. Consequently, I've got used to doing everything with the trackpad and the five buttons.

I kind of miss the monthly ritual of taking the ball out of the mouse and cleaning the rollers. Sort of therapeutic. Sounds like you have that with your trackball, and then some.

I wouldn't discount the possibility that something evil was equated with something female (in ancient times).

Does it accumulate fluff, like the old roller ball mice?

In my case it wasn't anything sinister, I think. Ruth Davidson has been in the news recently, because she has taken on new jobs, since stepping down as the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland. Where the pitch and putt golf came from, I've got no idea.

The words may still be related as that same wikitionary etymology suggests a proto-Germanic root:

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