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When dating I"ll need to check my potential partner's ability to carry me. :blobrollingeyes:

On my dog walks I usually meet the same people, again and again, mostly other canine strollers. After January 1st I started seeing lots of new joggers. I've stopped seeing them now.

So much for new year's resolutions.

Don't know about the USA, but, "on the pull" is still quite commonly used here.


Don't let me judge what you do for entertainment on a Friday. 😃

Hey, wait a minute. Willow, Reeva and Haggis are dogs. All three are owned by married couples. I can't say I haven't made use of Gruoch's acquaintances, but, not in this case. 😃


Coracles are easy to make, very maneuverable, and lightweight. Consequently, they were popular for solo transport in medieval times. However, they also have limited carrying capacity, and are quite unsafe. Coracles were replaced by more modern style rowing boats.

I have seen lots of people using coracles in recent years. Many of the designs have been identical. I suspect someone is manufacturing them.

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Currently, listening to Bat Out Of Hell.

RIP Meatloaf.

had a very social last night. She started the walk with Reeva. Then she met Willow. Originally, she didn't get on with Willow, now they are friends. Finally, and best of all, she got to talk to Haggis :blobhearteyes: Haggis was delighted to see Gruoch, too. Best walkies ever.

Weather to-day is great. Another nice doggie encounter, name unknown.

Your performance evaluation would've been interesting when you raised the issue of too loud hip-hop.

Well, yes. However, I only pay £179, so, £60 off would probably be pushing it. I just think the price increase was about profit, not costs.

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I think insurance companies take advantage of people's natural inertia to change provider. Changing provider is normally such a hassle that people will pay a small price increase to avoid the bother.

However, I felt so annoyed by the price increase that I was compelled to pursue it.

Car insurance renewal time.

My current insurer increased my premium by £30, for the coming year.

I called my current insurer to say I'd got a like-for-like quote from another company, for £30 less. My insurer immediately offered to reduce their quote by £30.

Yeah, funny that.

I accepted their revised quote.

We've had the conversation before, haven't we?

I love winter time.

Walks on cold, snowy afternoons are great. Followed by dark nights by a roaring fire whilst drinking wine/malt are to be savoured.

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