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Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona recommends court should find UK *can* unilaterally revoke Article 50

Still not definitive, but it would be extraordinary if this statement was contradicted.

I wonder if Theresa May is feeling the pressure.

by ComRes (30 Nov - 02 Dec)

* Implement Theresa May deal
Support 26%
Oppose 42%

* UK remaining full EU member
Support 44%
Oppose 45%

* Ask EU to renegotiate PM Deal if Westminster rejects it
Support 45%
Oppose 25%

All UK opposition leaders have written to PM to demand Brexit legal advice is published.

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i keep expecting the waiting room chairs to finishing loading their images

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I was looking up pictures of stoats and just look at this.

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Mystery object 

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@aral @Purism @gnome today I was told that google G Suite for education has 70m+ customers and that in the USA, two schools in three are using it. I haven't checked this figure, but if it is even close to being true we are placing the data of millions of children into the hands of the largest dealer in data on earth - before we even give them a choice.

A whole generation sold into data serfdom.

We have to get the technology you are talking about into the hands of educators.


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Product photography is full of hidden amounts of gear, time, prep and more.

I managed to take a pretty decent product photo today...

It does not do justice to the amount of crap I had to do at home to get the shot.

Pictured: the photo I took and the sheer volume of behind the scenes necessary to get the shot. And yes: that *is* laminate flooring off to the side.

#Photo #Photography

If you'd like to watch The Hitch-Hiker (1953) straight away it is available at:

The very short running time of 71 minutes helps with the pacing, which cracks along. However, a little extra time could have been used to beef up the ending.

Some great moments, including the tin can shooting scene. Talman makes a great baddie.

This film noir was one of the first to be directed by a woman. Ida Lupino, of course, was much more familiar to cinema goers on the other side of the camera.

Overall, I would recommend this film.

Last night's was:
The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

The story of two guys on a fishing trip, who pick-up a hitch-hiker. Unknown to them their passenger is a psychopathic murderer.

A tense set in the desert area between California & Mexico. Film noir normally inhabits the shadows, but this movie uses the bleakness of the desert instead.

Almost all the screen time is devoted to the three leads: Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy & William Talman. They are excellent.

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On the today I heard one or possibly two
Capercailzie - Capull coille - Tetrao urogallus
which was exciting. I wasn't able to see them as they were hidden somewhere in the forest. One of the advantages of having a early walk is you are more likely to encounter wildlife.

December already.
I really ought to have my annual bath, whether I need it or not.

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Happy St. Andrew's Day, everyone!

(Yes, those are Scottish raspberries ;p)

The army assault boots that I use for work purposes have developed a split, and need replaced.

I am considering a similar model boot that has a Gore-Tex lining. Can anyone recommend a particular brand? Does the Gore-Tex really keep the boots dry inside?

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