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the dog on day 2 at home was allowed into the sitting room for the first time.

This was when we discovered he enjoyed chewing EVERYTHING including: logs, baskets and fingers. Not to worry, it wasn't my hand.

Happy 68th Birthday,
Michel Barnier.

Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union

UK government have lost the Grieve amendment (308:297).

This means that should Theresa May lose the vote for her Brexit deal (almost certain), then the govt must come back with a Plan B within 3 days.

[Gets figurative popcorn]

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Fraserburgh is a big port and has many dry-docks. I spent a happy couple of hours walking around photographing boats in various stages of maintenance and repair.

Boat repair is fascinating. Who knew?

Just came across this photo when looking for something else.

It was in the dry-dock to get a fresh lick of paint, and it looked so cute. Shame about the stanchions, same on the other side.

The UL code means the boat comes from Ulapul (Ullapool) in the north west Highlands.

The boat is called "Defiance", I like that!

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I have a double sim Android phone, with Lineage OS.
Do you know if there is a way to associate a contact with a sim ? Or a better way to manage double sim ??
Sometime I mess up, I choose the wrong sim and I don't want to call professional contacts with my personnal number anymore...

This just gets better and better.

Neither of Seaborne Freight's proposed ports, Ramsgate (England) and Ostend (Belgium) will be ready for Brexit date (March 29th).

So, the company with no ferries and no experience also have no ports. That hasn't stopped the UK government from purchasing the "service".

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Somewhere near Godfrey’s Creek. iPhone photo out the car window at about 100kph.
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Tested Signal app on Ubuntu Touch. Needed a little bit of fiddling to set it up, and the app settings are sparse, but the basics are there and it works ! 👌 A happy surprise.
#ubports #signal That makes me think about the legal state of the app. The Signal lead developer was threatening LibreSignal project with a court-case as far as I remember, among others because he didn't want 3rd party apps to use the Signal servers. Have things changed in the mean time ?

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> or check
Very droll.

Is Scotch whisky still enormously expensive in Japan?

If this trend continues I'll suggest a modified version of the slogan:

For the few, not the many.

I've noted this before...

Con: 40% (-1)
Lab: 34% (-5)
LD: 10% (+3)
Green: 4% (-)
UKIP: 4% (+1)

YouGov 21/12 - 04/01/2019

UK government is a shambles, but the official opposition is going backwards. I wonder why.

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The clip came from the 1985 TV miniseries "North and South".

The TV series is a dramatisation of three books by John Jakes and included early roles by Patrick Swayze, Lesley-Anne Down, and Kirstie Alley.

The series has high production values and tackles the issues well. The leads are all good, but the established stars doing cameos were sometimes stilted. The screenwriting could have been improved. Still enjoyable.

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I've always been fascinated by the imagery people use for political causes. People have been doing it for thousands of years.

Can you guess which Union is being referenced in the screenshot?

For extra bonus points can you name the famous TV miniseries historical drama which created this scene?

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