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It looks like this petition has been removed, as it is no longer available at the link I provided (shame). However, I did take a screenshot of the petition earlier today. 😃

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Are you afraid yet?

This is a good summary (5:47 minutes) of some of the disasters facing the UK if there is no-deal

Well, I'm a standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
Such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flat-bed Ford
Slowin' down to take a look at me 🎶

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Image upload test.
Okay. Got it. Was trying to upload both at same time. Got to do one at a time.

RIP Julie Adams
1926 - 2019

Julie co-starred in some major films during the 1950s including: Bend of the River (1952) and The Mississippi Gambler (1953).

However, she is probably best remembered for her starring role in the archetypal '50s monster movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954)

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@fitheach Petition for a united Ireland created.

However, I need 5 signatures to get it formally published so please share/boost/Like/troll as necessary 🙂

My previous post highlighting the petition wanting Ireland to rejoin the UK reminded me of this graphic.

A map of the world showing all the countries who have achieved their independence from the British Empire.

Note: not one country has *ever* wanted to be a colony again.

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This is a tree without a trunk! It's salix arctica, the arctic willow. As far North as you can still find land, you can find these trees creeping across the tundra.

Technically, it's a shrub and not a tree at all, but it's a close relative of the willow trees that grow all across the northern hemisphere.

Regular trees can't grow so far north, because of the lack of moisture and severe cold. Salix arctica manages by creeping along the ground, and it can grow as wide as true trees are tall.

This is weird.

I saw 10 worms today, slithering about on top of the snow. They weren't in a group, but were individuals spread out over a 3km distance, along a forestry track. Never seen this before.

This Super Bowl thing, is it a huge cooking extravaganza?

Hattie McDaniel was a singer-songwriter, comedian, TV and film star.

She came to prominence in the film Judge Priest (1934) and cemented her stardom by appearing in Show Boat (1936).

It is probably fair to say her proudest moment was winning a best supporting actress Oscar for the part of Mammy in "Gone with the Wind" (1939).

She died quite young (59) due to breast cancer. Her dying wish to be buried in the Hollywood Cemetery was refused.


Because she was an African American.

There are several Grey Mare's Tail (horsetail) waterfalls in Scotland. We consider this one to be ours, as it is only a short walking distance from home.

It is about 30m tall and 5m across.

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There is no better way to wake up than to an adoring face of a creature that gets such satisfaction from simply being petted by you.


♲ @[email protected]: Pasha wishes the Fediverse a good morning and hopes your Sunday also starts and ends with cuddles.

#dogs #dogsOfTheFediverse #MastoDogs #myWork…

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Have you ever seen such a car?

Usually 2+2 style cars are sports models, whereas the one pictured looks more like a compact car. The rear seats could only be usable if the roof is open.

Looks cool.

The image comes from a 1943 film.

The quoted lyrics in the previous post comes from the song "These Are My Mountains". I'm not sure if this is traditional song or written by the Alexander Brothers.

Here is a cracking version of the song by Kevin McKidd (The Speyside Sessions). You'll probably know Kevin better from film & TV like "Rome", "Trainspotting" & "Grey's Anatomy".

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