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The chart below shows how people identify their nationality, from the 2011 census. In each of the UK constituent countries the majority of people identify with that country rather than British.

There are some exceptions: e.g. London probably due to the high number of people with a non-English background, Northern Ireland probably due to the Unionist/Nationalist divide.

The internal lines show local authority areas. Respondents were free to choose more than one identity.

Well, after all that the MacNeil amendment hasn't been chosen by the Speaker. Instead the Speaker chose the Spelman amendment which *doesn't* take no-deal off the table.

The Spelman amendment doesn't do anything useful.

The text of the amendment which would revoke Article 50 (cancelling Brexit). The names are those MPs proposing and sponsoring the amendment.

Cancelling Article 50 is the only guaranteed way of "taking no-deal off the table".

On the 13th March 1996 Thomas Hamilton shot and killed 16 children and one teacher at Dunblane Primary school, before shooting and killing himself. The children were all 5 or 6 years old.

We will never forget.

UK Government have released tariff figures (11th hour) on UK goods in event of a no-deal.

Agricultural products look far worse than expected. Bye, bye, UK farming.

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Front page of tomorrow's Daily Mail. Headline: The House of Fools.

Something tells me the Daily Mail thinks Brexit is slipping through their fingers.

The original Kinnaird Head Lighthouse (the new one is next door) is part of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. The facility is well worth a visit if you are in the Fraserburgh area. Not only can you see the castle and the lighthouse there is also an exhibition telling the story of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

Oh for goodness sake...

PM's motion against no-deal seems to be a thinly disguised means of bringing her deal back *again*.

If Westminster want to take no-deal "off the table" revoking Article 50 looks to be the only way.

Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour Brexit is what should happen. No mention of a Peoples Vote. Don't think Labour ever really supported a PV.

Theresa May loses her Brexit deal vote by 391 to 242 (difference of 149).

Voting on Theresa May's deal in progress. The Noes lobby (against May's deal) is reportedly "packed".

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse
Fraserburgh, Scotland.

This is the original lighthouse at Kinnaird and is the only light (I know of) built on top of a castle. The lighthouse was first used in 1787. The castle was originally built in 1570.

I was lucky the day I visited as not only was the sun shining, but the castle and lighthouse had just been painted.

Theresa May is being quoted as saying:

"If this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost."

Hard Brexiteers consider PM's words to be an empty threat.

Projections for the vote tonight are her deal will lose by between 100-150 votes.

17 days to go to Brexit, and we are back at square one.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

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Mary Queen of Scots documents found at Museum of Edinburgh

Files showed they were gifted in 1920 but they had been lost in storage until recent inventory work by curators.

Recently I read her last letter in french and english translation. Amazing woman.

Assessment of PM's Strasbourg Manoeuvre by Steve Peers, Uni'of Essex:

So the legal framework consists of

1 withdrawal agreement (unchanged)

2 political declaration on the future relationship (unchanged)

3 side deal on the WA (new, purports to be binding)

4 joint statement on the PD (new, not binding)

5 unilateral statement on the backstop (ditto)


Theresa May's latest EU Withdrawal Agreement concessions can be thought of as an international treaty equivalent of the emperor's new clothes.

I doubt the Attorney General will change his opinion. I also doubt Brexiteer MPs will "pretend" to see the new clothes.

Just 17 days to go to the scheduled departure from the EU and May's Strasbourg theatrics are all for naught. Ludicrous!

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