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I've kept the "best" till last.

"Vote for Welsh Labour"

What? You complete muppets, I live in Scotland, not Wales. The clue is my address.

A complete waste of money by Labour, but at least we will be able to make jokes at their expense.

The leaflet design is also terrible, about as interesting as a wet Wednesday in Wrexham.

Next up is the SNP leaflet.

Of all the leaflets received so far this has the best design and has a light, airy feel. I wish though the SNP would take some new photos of Nicola, they keep using the same one.

Even though this is a Euro election leaflet there is only one mention of independence. Do try harder, SNP.

The first of the today's leaflets is from UKIP.

Frankly, aside from the nonsense about Brexit (particularly in Scotland) anything with "UK" on it and Union Jacks goes straight in the bin.

A slew of EU Parliament election leaflets arrived on Saturday and today.

First up is a suitably half-recycled (it arrived like that in the post) leaflet from the Scottish Greens.

The tagline "Choose Hope Over Hate" is good, even if it is a variation of "hope over fear".

Rather mischievously the bar chart on the rear omits SNP, Labour & Tories. An old electioneering tactic.

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ME has taken away:
*my hopes to work in a plant nursery and run gardening workshops
*most of the energy to garden and grow my own food
*being able to see most of my friends
*my ability to financially support myself, and contribute to our joint income
*being able to travel around Europe and see friends in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium
*being an activist on international development and environmental justice issues
*being able to walk in hills and valleys
*my confidence and reliability
*so many dreams
*my sense of self
#MillionsMissing #LivingWithME #MECFS

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Weeknotes time: a workout manually thicknessing some wood, setting up and testing (yet another) new CNC Router controller, and designing a new guitar and a thing for the workshop.

Usually when thinking of flowers our thoughts jump to the smaller plants, but many trees also produce blossoms.

Common hawthorn - Craobh-sgìthich - Crataegus monogyna

When you look closely at the hawthorn blossoms they are just as pretty as those found on smaller plants. If you can get close to them you can also enjoy a wonderful fragrance.

When you get close be careful to avoid the many sharp thorns the tree produces to protect itself.

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We got back into the Scottish National trail yesterday and completed the stage to Aberfeldy. There were lots of grouse and lambs about. The end of the stage through the Birks of Aberfeldy was nice if you like waterfalls especially the Falls of Moness.

You might remember the huge international hit The Shamen had in 1992 with the song:
Ebeneezer Goode

The song was very controversial at the time, as it was claimed to promote recreational drug use, specifically ecstasy. The song was banned by the BBC.

The video featured an appearance by Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz, who also isn't a stranger to controversy.

I was completely amazed to discover that electronic dance band The Shamen were from Aberdeen. ABERDEEN!!?!!

I'd always assumed they were from London.

Really pleased to see they had a great turnout for the AUOB Cymru march and rally in Cardiff today.

Lots of Welsh flags and smiling faces.

This selection is a cheat, it isn't a wildflower. However, I have six of these bushes in the garden, and all of them are currently in bloom.

Yellow azalea - Ròs-chraobh - Rhododendron luteum

As usual with rhododendrons the bees love the flowers, but don't eat any resultant honey. The nectar contains grayanotoxin which is poisonous to humans. In some cultures there is a long tradition of using "mad honey" as a recreational drug.

How lovely to hear the sound of spring.


Twenty minutes later:
Enough already.

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A photo from a few years ago of a leaf belonging to wild ginger, Asarum caudatum. (It’s in the birthwort family, not ginger.) Next photo is the secretive flower, tucked away beneath. To find the flower you have to recognize the leaves, almost without exception. I always wonder who the flower is for, being so hidden. Grows in moist woods in rich soil or in rotting stumps. PNW.


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@fitheach Oh, yeah, I'm drafting a lot more expanded version of that post with links to the source etc. so I took it down for now.

fediQuest is basically an ActivityPub-aware StackOverflow in #golang that am working on for a while now.... The way am working on it however is not like most projects do where they have a web app first and then tackle on federation later, but rather the federation is being developed first, so that every single action in the system could be exposed to federation.

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If you want to travel with your #birb, but you don't like cages and want some weather protection for it, too...

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