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Bank Street, Inverness
Circa 1890

Inverness Castle in the background

Source: Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

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🚲 Excellent blog post by my friend @rachelmsquirrel about the value of bike paths, and a hopeful new outlook for central Aberdeen:

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Out of the blue, I thought another presentation I can make for people starting UNI:

"Things I Learnt the Hard Way in 30 Years of Software Development"

I mentioned the FLOSS Weekly podcast in my previous post. The podcast is hosted at the domain

In British English "twit" is a mildly abusive term for someone who is daft or idiotic. So, for me, has entirely the wrong connotation.

Perhaps twit doesn't have that meaning in N. America.


CryptPad provide a hosted service that is fully featured, but restricted to 50MB storage. If you want more storage they have paid for subscription plans.

However, as it is Free software you can host it yourself:

You can hear all about CryptPad on the FLOSS Weekly podcast:

The lead developer is also on the Fediverse:


Disclaimer: I've had a play with CryptPad, but not used it for real in a collaborative session.

Just discovered CryptPad via the FLOSS Weekly podcast. Basically, Google docs without privacy concerns.

CryptPad in their own words:

"CryptPad is a private-by-design alternative to popular office tools and cloud services. All the content stored on CryptPad is encrypted before being sent, which means nobody can access your data unless you give them the keys (not even us)."

It's also Free software.

Better still CryptPad is on the Fediverse:


"Without Brexit there will be no Conservative government and maybe no Conservative party."

Jeremy Hunt
Conservative leadership hopeful

Gosh, that's tempting.

The Broom o' the Cowdenknowes
Silly Wizard

A traditional Scots' song dating from before the 17th century. The SW version tells of a sheperd who is banished from his own country because he loved the fairest lass.

"Oh the broom, the bonnie, bonnie broom
The broom o' the cowdenknowes"

Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

The world's first general-purpose, programmable, digital computer. Photographed at the University of Pennsylvania in 1945/46.

Glen Beck and Betty Snyder (Holberton) are shown, they are both busy programming the ENIAC.

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If you consider running your own #mastodon or #pleroma instance but don't know where to start, this guide may be of help. It explains the following basics:

- Networking
- Services, servers and clients
- Use of the command line and remote access
- Files and folders
- Users and permissions
- Installing software
- Building software
- Setting up and running services

It's a bit Raspberry Pi specific, but only a bit 😃: it assumes a Linux system with either Ubuntu or Debian.

We had a bottle of wine with lunch.
I could get used to this lifestyle.

Brooms are shrubs, usually no more than 3 metres high, but can become much wider than 3m. You often find many brooms growing together, where they will dominate the available ground and sunlight.

Brooms are closely related to the Whins (Conasg - Ulex), but they don't have that plants thorns. Probably for this reason Brooms are more popular as garden shrubs.

These photos were taken two weeks ago at the height of the blooms. However, they retain their blooms for a long period, and some are flowering only now.

Common Broom - Bealaidh-coitcheann - Cytisus scoparius

In N. America they are known as Scot's/Scotch Broom. There they are an invasive species that outperforms many native plants.

They do provide some stunning colour to the landscape, and have a very distinctive, yet appealing aroma. I like them.

Sorry, I still think the line-up for the new Trainspotting looks rubbish:

* Michael Gove (cocaine)
* Andrea Leadsome (cannabis)
* Boris Johnson (cocaine)
* Rory Stewart (opium)
* Dominic Raab (cannabis)
* Jeremy Hunt (cannabis)

If you look closely at the tadpole at the lower left of the photograph there are two tiny white objects. The white objects are beasties. I'm not sure if the beasties are attached to the tadpole. There were a few more of these white beasties in the pool.

This requires some research.

I had a fantastic morning.

Great weather for the . Lots of flora & fauna; enough photos to fill the remainder of June with posts. All that in the company of my best friend (he had a good time, too).

Tadpoles are almost certainly frogs, but can't be 100% certain.
Common Toad - Smàgach - Bufo bufo

Man's best friend?

On yesterday's we encountered 4 dogs in outside kennels with small pens. There were two Border Terriers sharing one pen and a Border Collie & Bearded Collie sharing the other.

The 4 seemed delighted to have something to distract them from their monotony. wagged his tail at them, but otherwise he was happy to continue his walk.

It is a common occurrence to see working dogs kept like this, but still I always feel sad.

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