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Closely related to leaving messages on answering services, and never getting a return call.

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Amazing how: "I'll 'phone you back in one hour", never happens.

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I launched a new blog this week. It's stupidly fast, uses zero external JS or CSS resources, is responsive, and supports modern features many sites don’t like dark style support. But Google just emailed me saying they might deprioritize it on Google because it doesn’t use AMP.

Y'know when you use "adduser" on *nix systems, do you ever complete these fields?

Room Number []:
Work Phone []:
Home Phone []:
Other []:

I've never used these fields, ever.

I find the most convenient way to update youtube-dl is using Pip:

pip install --user -U youtube-dl

The developers update youtube-dl almost weekly to keep track of changes on the video sharing sites. If something doesn't work, try updating to the latest version.

Sites? Yup, despite the name youtube-dl can download from hundreds of sites with audio & video:

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Today, I learned some new tricks with the ever wonderful youtube-dl

List subtitle files:
youtube-dl --list-subs URL

Download video + all subs:
youtube-dl --all-subs URL

Download English sub, no video:
youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL


The design of the commemorative 50p Brexit coin has been released.

Sexual innuendo 

Hmmm, this could be an interesting read:

How the Scots Invented Canada
Ken McGoogan

Has anyone ever seen Frankie Boyle and @balrogboogie in a room, at the same time?

No, didn't think so.

UKIP have a new leader:
Dick Braine.

Seems about right.

Had the power outages happened in Scotland and Northern Ireland I am absolutely certain they wouldn't have been reported as a UK phenomenon.

Mostly this is down to perspective, as the people doing the reporting are in London. That and rather poor reporting guidelines.

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The BBC produced this map of yesterday's "UK" power outages.

Wait a minute, no power losses in those pesky grey bits.

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Looking forward to to-morrow's report from @vfrmedia on Helter Skelters in Norwich.

Jacket only. No rain, at all.

Lots of hazelnuts on the trees this year. The squirrels will be happy.

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decision time.
Waterproof trousers or jacket only?

BTW this is for me, doesn't have trousers nor a jacket.

GNU in this context stands for Government of National Unity. So, sadly RMS won't become Prime Minister.

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I see some people are suggesting the only way to stop Brexit, or at least a no-deal Brexit, is to have a GNU government.

Gosh! Richard Stallman for PM?

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