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On Christmas Day 1950, four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson & Alan Stuart) removed the Stone from Westminster Abbey and returned it to Scotland.

A massive search was conducted by the British gvernment, but the Stone wasn't discovered. After 4 months the Stone was left on the altar of Arbroath Abbey. The Stone went back to Westminster.

Yet again there are rumours that the Stone returned to Westminster wasn't the original.

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How bad a PM is Boris Johnson?

Well, within a month of being appointed, he's reduced his options to:

* going to jail, or
* being dead in a ditch.

I have to admit, I am in awe.


The most significant part of the ceremony was the future king being placed on the Lia Fàil. This was the large rectangular block of stone, which in English is known as the the "Stone of Destiny" or "Stone of Scone".

During the Wars of Independence (1296) King Edward 1 of England stole the stone. It then sat in Westminster Abbey until 1950.

A replica of the stone sits outside the chapel in Scone.

Many believe, me included, that the stone taken by Edward wasn't the real one.

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What is going on?

Police forces, fire & rescue services and local councils, across the , have started sending out messages containing the advice to prepare a , filled with essential items.

Zombie apocalypse? Asteroid collision? No-deal ?

The attached example is from Police Scotland.

A very short distance from Scone Palace is the chapel on Moot Hill (Tom-a-mhoid/Collis Credulitatis). This is the hugely significant location where the Kings of Scots were crowned from the 9th century onwards (and possibly much earlier).

The crowning ceremony was quite probably conducted in two parts: a Christian element in Scone Abbey and the, much older, "pagan" ceremony outside on the hill.

Scone was, in this early period, the capital of Scotland and a royal centre.

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Before I continue, a word or two about pronunciation.

Scone (Sgàin) the place, and the palace, is pronounced like "scoon". Rhymes with the Scots word "toon" (town).

Scone (sgona) the semi-sweet bread, is pronounced like "scon". Rhymes with the English word "gone".

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Finally got photos of a Common Mime (Papilio clytia), a common butterfly that has eluded me for years (since I started photographing butterflies). This was at Jurong Eco Garden, Singapore, on 8 Sept 2019.

On iNaturalist [ ].

Scone Palace
Scone, near Perth.

Initial part of the palace was built in the 12th century, and has been added to in the centuries since.

Scone is a village, just across the River Tay from the city of Perth.

This latest cartoon from Chris was amazingly prophetic. It was published yesterday, before it was known that Amber Rudd was going to resign from the governement.

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Official attendence at the Perth Independence March & Rally was over 20,000. Great effort, folks. Photos coming up shortly.

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To all those "lovely" Tory MPs:

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you

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On the weekend BoJo visits Scotland and insists "no more referendums" this voting intention poll of *Conservative* held constituencies comes out:

SNP 42% (+8)
Con 30% (-14)
Lib Dem 12% (+8)
Labour 7% (-10)
Brexit 5% (+5)

Source: YouGov

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