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From the shape of the first kanji, it's Chinese

The kanji meanings are:
搜 = search
爆 = bomb
犬 = dog

In Japanese, 捜爆犬 is short for

The long name is more specific:
爆発物 "bakuhatsubutsu" = explosives
捜索 "sousaku" = search, specifically to discover something
犬 "inu" = dog

Yesterday, was Hugh MacDiarmid's anniversary, he died on September 9, 1978. On reading about the man, and his poetry, I was reminded of these lines:

For we ha’e faith in Scotland’s hidden poo’ers,
The present’s theirs, but a’ the past and future’s oors.

from "Gairmscoile "

Although written nearly 100 years ago it perfectly captures the political & cultural situations of to-day.

I've also made a comparison with some old fail2ban logfiles from a couple of years ago, on different servers (same profile, roughly same filter rules). The ratio was just 4:1. This is a very small, un-representative data set, but it has me wondering if there has been a huge increase in the targeting of SSH in the last couple of years.

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I've been analysing a fail2ban logfile, for a server which is used for: HTTP, IMAP & SMTP. I was amazed to discover that bans for SSH infringements outnumber those for all other sevices combined by a factor of 15:1.

Is the EU trolling the UK?

The EU have nominated their new Trade Commissioner, it's Phil Hogan, from *Ireland*. Mr. Hogan will be responsible for negotiating any future trade deals between the EU and the UK (assuming Brexit happens).

Regarding future negotiations he re-iterated to-day the EU stance that nothing can proceed until the UK accepts the obligations in the Withdrawal Agreement.

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At least BoJo has a 100% track record.

He has lost every one of the six votes as Prime Minister. This must surely be a record.

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The Westminster Parliament continued into the wee small hours, last night, long after I went to bed. By all accounts I missed some *excellent* political theatre.

I do know that BoJo didn't get his ⅔rds majority, so no General Election in October.

My message to BoJo: "Now is not the time". 😃

Here's some irony for you.

The very same government MPs who were quite happy for GCHQ, MI5 & MI6 to read and store all our electronic communications have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent their no-deal & prorogation discussions from being disclosed.

However, they lost the vote in the Westminster Parliament and will now have to open up all their WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, FB messenger and email accounts.

The biter bit.

First time using pgAdmin4.

I like the realtime charts on things like Transactions & Block I/O. Kind of strange having a local package that is in fact a Flask app running on localhost.

When running pgAdmin4 from the menu, it launches your default browser, which doesn't fit well with my setup. I might consider installing this as a Python Wheel instead of from a Debian package.

Otherwise, if you were a pgAdmin3 user you will feel right at home.

John Bercow, House of Commons Speaker, is to stand down. He made the announcement himself a few minutes ago. He will depart at the next election or October 31, whichever comes first.

He received a standing ovation* from MPs, EXCEPT from the Tory benches. Bercow was a Tory until he became Speaker.

* Funny, I thought clapping was frowned upon in Westminster.

That sound you are hearing is Michael Collins spinning in his grave.

"Prime Minister, I know that you are an admirer of the great Winston Churchill..."
Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach.
Speaking this morning.

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here's the shortlist for wales tree of the year!! the oak at cefn mably is amazing and the pub is one of my favs. I don't know the pontypool chestnut?! I know the park very well tho. penallt prisk wood is a dream landscape you can hardly believe it's real

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A heads-up that Sunsetting of Python 2 is definitely(?) going to happen on Jan 1, 2020.

"That means that we will not improve it anymore after that day, even if someone finds a security problem in it. You should upgrade to Python 3 as soon as you can."

The view from abroad.

"If you’ve been paying any attention to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, you know that, in declaring United Kingdom politics to have reached peak shambolic six months ago, we spoke too soon. Oh, did we ever."

The Globe and Mail.

I'm laughing, and I don't know why.

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There is a great wee movie called
Stone of Destiny (2008) which tells the (slightly fictionalised) story of the Stones removal from Westminster Abbey. It stars Charlie Cox, as Ian Hamilton, and was written and directed by Charles Martin Smith.

To get a better idea of the real events surrounding the Stone's removal, in 1950, you should read the book "A Touch Of Treason" by Ian Hamilton. Highly recommended.

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In 1996 the Stone was returned to Scotland, and housed in Edinburgh Castle, alongside the Honours of Scotland (crown, sceptre etc.). You will note that 1996 was the 700th anniversary of the Stone being stolen.

The Scottish Government are consulting on a proposal to house the Stone in Perth city centre, just a couple of miles from its former home. The consultation ends on September 19th. You can have you say here:

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