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made a special friend during the summer. He is a wee Bichon dog called Haggis. When the weather was good, Haggis was outside, and he and Gruoch could talk. Now, he is kept inside. Every time we pass, Gruoch and Haggis look at each other through the French windows. Haggis barks, and Gruoch just looks. I find it sad that Gruoch is prevented from talking to her "boyfriend".

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Deirdre has now produced three episodes of her podcast series. She covers the following topics:

* Gaelic song literature from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
* emigration from Scotland.
* Battle of the Braes in April, 1882.

Fascinating topics, and Deirdre has a wonderful accent. I could listen to her reading the 'phone directory (if it still exists).

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Gruoch is so happy with her soft kennel, that she doesn't bother coming out to greet me, when I return to the car.

It is cosy and warm in the kennel, and she can view me in the driving seat without moving.

Regardless, I'm counting this as a success.

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I am getting really hacked-off with Tusky autocorrecting my input. I can't find a way to prevent it.

I am really chuffed with to-day's cleverness.

has a soft kennel that she uses in the house. She loves her wee den.

I bought her a new one for use in the car. She would not use it. So, I swapped the locations of the two kennels, and swapped the internal cushions. Her old kennel was familiar to her in the car, and the new kennel was in a familiar location, in the house.


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I recently bought a pair of Meindl Burma GTX boots. I've been wearing them on a daily basis for the last two weeks. They are still very stiff, and yet, surprisingly comfy. The GTX (I think) refers to the Gore-tex lining. I can confirm, that the boots have been 100% waterproof, so far, despite some atrociously wet, and snowy, conditions.

The boots were quite expensive, but, I am am very pleased with the purchase. I go for dog walks three times per day, and good footwear is important to me.

I forgot my smartphone because I'd left it charging in my friend's PC. To avoid this happening again I've decided to buy a power bank. I've never owned such a device.

Any recommendations?

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It is Friday, again. Unbelievable! Not only that, it is also December. What has happened to 2021?

I'm a time traveller, stuck in fast-forward.

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Sohkamyung is a wildlife photographer in Singapore who takes really nice photos of the natural world. You can follow at:

➡️ @sohkamyung

Sohkamyung also catalogues their observations by species and location at

(The account is locked, but I checked with them and they said it is ok to follow. The lock is just to stop spammers.)

#Sohkamyung #Photography #Wildlife #Photos #Nature #Birds #Birbs #Insects #Bugs #Animals

One other disappointment. The episode has clear signals of a potential love affair between Kirk and Yeoman Janice Rand. For some reason the potential isn't fulfilled, and the Rand character never makes another appearance in TOS. A missed opportunity.

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"Balance of Terror"
Star Trek TOS

Often rated as one of the best Trek episodes, it can be summarised as: submarine battle in space.

The Romulan commander even employs the trick of jettisoning a dead body, amoungst other debris, to fool Kirk into thinking they have been "sunk".

It is still a very enjoyable episode.

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I've spotted following mutations of #omicron already:


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This is a reminder that Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 snow plows have all the best names, and can be tracked live here:

I mean...


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I meant that in the sense of "spot the ball". The dog is not called Spot (for those new here).

BTW does "spot the ball" still exist?

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@fitheach Dogs do seem to have an aesthetic sense. Lexie used to love simply looking at her landscape. My goodness, I miss her.

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