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Ever since I took the photos of the juvenile Cormorant, I have created an emotional attachment from me to the bird. It has become "my" Cormorant. I worry when I don't see it on my visits to the canal, even though it has likely only "gone fishin'".

Funny how the human mind works.

For the record: I saw the Cormorant on to-day's .

My euphoria about the weather on to-night's dog walk has just become a little muted. My water supply is frozen. So, no running water for a while...

Well, I ordered my power bank. It didn't arrive. When I checked with the seller they claimed it had been "signed for" by me. On checking with Hermes they claimed it had been left in a "safe place". Not true either.

Seller doesn't have the product anymore. However, they have promised a refund.

What a waste of time, and a lot of hassle.

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To-night's was magical.

It was a cold (-5°C) evening, with a near cloudless sky. There were intermittent snowflakes falling, and the full moon reflected off , giving her a mystical aura.

The stars were twinkling, and so were the frozen tree branches. The only noise was the crunching sound made by my feet and Gruoch's paws.

I started the walk with my head torch. However, I stopped using it after a few minutes, as it was both superfluous, and it ruined the atmosphere.

Jogger on the narrow path, noticing staring at him: "Is it OK to pass?

Me: " She'll only give you a slight mauling, nothing too serious".

I don't think he saw my wry smile, indicating I was joking.

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@fitheach I found this one in the wild several years ago and I still giggle about it every now and again.

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Lewd, American shamefulness 

@fitheach Sometimes American men don't think their big pickups are masculine enough. So they buy these:

Giant Jiggly Balls

The adolescent (still) in me always smirks at unintended double meanings in product descriptions.

I have no idea what you are supposed to do with Giant Jiggly Balls.

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The new batch of red sauerkraut is delicious! This is the first time I've done squash, and it's pretty good. I think we'll eat the rest of this jar as it is, and make sweet-sour pickles from the other two.


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Do folk know any good rock or metal Christmas albums, playlists or compilations?

Other non-pop Christmas album recommendations would be gratefully received.

Boosts welcome

After 18 months of constant use, including thrice daily dog walks, my "working" jacket is completely worn out. I attempted a repair on the sleeve, recently. My stitching held, but, the repaired material ripped again. Time for a new jacket.

I've bought the same model of jacket again, as it was the easy option. Plus, it only cost £22.90, including delivery. That's cheaper than the last purchase..

Kirk, and for that matter the Star Trek TOS episode, is saved by Nona, portrayed by Nancy Kovack.

See, I told you everyone in "space" was beautiful.

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@hhardy01 @fitheach

I see your Robot Monster and I raise you... THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH!

"The film, described as "a take-off on beach parties and musicals," is considered to be one of the worst films of all time."

You are welcome.

I know Star Trek TOS operated on a very limited budget. However, the monster (the Mugato) in the season 2 episode "A Private Little War" has to be the most ridiculous creation in any SciFi production.

Unless you know differently...

I should have pursued a career in space. Everyone in space is beautiful.

Modus vivendi.

sleeps with her back against my legs. If I get up during the night, she moves up to my pillows, and puts her back against them instead. When I return, I have to shove her across the bed to get access to my pillows. Luckily, she doesn't complain. This is just as well, as it takes quite a lot of shoving. 😃

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