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I invariably listen to music whilst at work. To-day, a colleague did me a "favour" by tuning-in a music channel on the smart TV. He introduced it as: "Listen to this, it's great!"

It was non-stop rock & pop "classics", frequently interrupted by adverts. As if this wasn't bad enough, the songs weren't by the original artists. The songs were covered by people who were so no-names that they weren't even credited.

Out of politeness I felt obligated to listen to it for a while.

It was purgatory.

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This neighbourhood Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) popped by and started feeding on the pods of the Peacock Plant (Caesalpinia pulcherrima). Observed on 10 Jan 2022.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Birds #Aves

I don't believe it.

I've got a *date* this afternoon (first time in ages). Overnight, a big, red protuberance has developed on my nose.

The gods of chance are having fun with me.

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@Magess here's an excellent representation of the Gaelic colour world, this is in Irish though they are pretty much the same. I guess you could describe it as more tonal


I bought a really cheap* red wine at Aldi. It is a Kooliburra Shiraz from South Eastern Australia. It is extremely quaffable, perhaps dangerously so. I will be buying it again.

* Cheap for Scotland, at £4.88 for a 75cl bottle.

The pedant in me believes this should be called a greyout, not a whiteout.

Thirty seconds later not only could the mountains not be seen, my hand in front of my face was obscured.

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Yesterday we had a little bit of snow and a nice clear afternoon.

You know what they say about dogs with big paws.

Yeah, big paw prints.

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We need to remove inches* from measuring tapes, and have metric only. 50% of the time the metric scale is on the wrong side of the tape.

* For viewers in the UK only.

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The roads were sure interesting, to-night.

Continuing my theme of posting images of forestry equipment:

This is a Ponsse Buffalo K90, equipped as a Collector.

Ever since I took the photos of the juvenile Cormorant, I have created an emotional attachment from me to the bird. It has become "my" Cormorant. I worry when I don't see it on my visits to the canal, even though it has likely only "gone fishin'".

Funny how the human mind works.

For the record: I saw the Cormorant on to-day's .

My euphoria about the weather on to-night's dog walk has just become a little muted. My water supply is frozen. So, no running water for a while...

Well, I ordered my power bank. It didn't arrive. When I checked with the seller they claimed it had been "signed for" by me. On checking with Hermes they claimed it had been left in a "safe place". Not true either.

Seller doesn't have the product anymore. However, they have promised a refund.

What a waste of time, and a lot of hassle.

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To-night's was magical.

It was a cold (-5°C) evening, with a near cloudless sky. There were intermittent snowflakes falling, and the full moon reflected off , giving her a mystical aura.

The stars were twinkling, and so were the frozen tree branches. The only noise was the crunching sound made by my feet and Gruoch's paws.

I started the walk with my head torch. However, I stopped using it after a few minutes, as it was both superfluous, and it ruined the atmosphere.

Jogger on the narrow path, noticing staring at him: "Is it OK to pass?

Me: " She'll only give you a slight mauling, nothing too serious".

I don't think he saw my wry smile, indicating I was joking.

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