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If you want to know how to make gunpowder, just head down to Roslin Glen, the instructions are on display there. We had a short walk there this morning. Production stopped in 65 years ago and there's not a lot left of the buildings.

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@qwazix holy crap it is on Spotify! I still have nightmares about the flute parts, but love the music.


We had yet another power outage, last night. It happened right in the middle of the .

I'm a bit concerned that the instant power loss might have damaged the projector. The projector normally has a shutdown procedure, which is initiated from the power-off button.

I'll find out tonight if the projector is OK.

Well, that was a revelation!

No question of any blisters (too short a walk anyway) as the new boots are really comfy. Each boot is ~720g, 230g lighter than my old assault boots, even though the new ones are lined. Amazingly, I can feel the weight difference.

Lower boot has fairly stiff construction, after the ankle, and up, the leather is really soft. Consequently, it felt like going for a walk in bedroom slippers.

Very early days, but I'm really liking the new boots.

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It took me a long time to resolve my boot requirement problem. In the end I decided against Gore-Tex lined boots. Instead I got a pair of Altberg Defender Combat Boots.

I will be wearing them for the first time on tonight's . Hopefully no blisters tomorrow.

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Oh, I see Demon Internet are going to be shut down.

I was never a customer, but they have been around since the early days and always had a good reputation.

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I've got one of these wee sharp things protruding at the edge of my fingernail. It is attached to the skin surrounding the nail.

Anyone know what it is and what it is called?

I could accept Labour's postion if it was a sincerely held belief. It is not. The following is a statement from *Labour* only 3 weeks ago:

"The EU has been very clear there are no more negotiations, clarifications or meetings. Theresa May will be bringing back the same deal she pulled last week. This is intolerable, she is simply playing for time"

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Disingenuous in the extreme:

"A Government with a new mandate could negotiate a better deal for Britain and secure support for it in Parliament and in the country."

No, it couldn't. EU already stated Withdrawal Agreement cannot be changed.

This is the worst kind of electioneering.

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If I could offer some advice to people who use #Markdown to write posts:

Many people use Markdown not just because the formatting is convenient to write, but also because it is itself human-readable. Consequently, it's also used as a plain text alternative to e.g. HTML-rendered text. I read a lot of things in plain text, so I see plain Markdown frequently.

One of the worst things you can do for legibility is to place URLs inline---it obscures the text, especially if there's a lot of them. Instead, use a reference (ideally numeric), of the form "[foo][n]".

Then, rather than placing all URLs at the bottom of the document, please them below the paragraph that references them. Not only does this reduce scrolling, but it also allows easily copying/pasting portions of the text while keeping the references intact, which is especially convenient for quoting.
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"a-mach à seo" is one of my favorite gaelic phrases, it rolls off the tongue so well and means "get out of here!"


ah-mach ("mach" where the "ch" is like the end of "loch")



I'll end my wee excursion to Fraserburgh harbour by showing you one of the smallest, and yet probably the most important boat.

The "Willie and May Gall" is the Fraserburgh lifeboat. It is a Trent class lifeboat. It is only 14m long but is capable of 25 knots and a range of 250 nautical miles. It takes a crew of 6 and is designed to operate in the harshest weather conditions.

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All the ships we have seen so far have been fairly small. However, there were some enormous fishing boats in Fraserburgh harbour, too.

The boat in the photo below wasn't one of the biggest, but it was right next to the quayside and easier to photograph. Human added for sense of scale. 😃

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In a different part of the dry-dock area, all the ships were being re-painted.

Anyone that has ever re-painted their car will recognise what is happening in the photo below. All the corroded parts of the hull had been sanded down, prior to the new paint being applied. The sanded parts gives the hull a spotty appearance.

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In this photo you can see some of the many ships that were lined up in the dry-dock area for repair work.

One of the most obvious activities was re-painting.

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There is a sort of tramway system in Fraserburgh dry-dock which allows ships to be moved around. If you look closely at the photo you can see the ship is sitting on wheeled trucks. Workers then have much easier access to the ships.

Maintenance and repair work is therefore much easier, cheaper and quicker.

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Dr. Evil is a SNP supporter?

If true, I'm not surprised.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

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The key to getting in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit.
#NewYear #Resolutions

Chocolate filled sprouts.

I'm presuming these aren't real Brussels Sprouts filled with chocolate. That would be just too gross.

My OH saw, and photographed, these in the supermarket today.

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