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Final front page for to-night, from The National. No surprise to see them having a go at the Tories, but it isnt really any different from the Herald and Scotsman.

Nice picture of Joanna, too.


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The Herald and The Scotsman are both Unionist papers, so it is quite extraordinary to see them making such pointed remarks about a UK government.

We are coming to the end of times.

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A "House of Cards" reference from The Herald for Thursday, September 12

UK's political meltdown -
The house of cards starts to collapse

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Mostly Commonwealth countries, yes.

I remember seeing the Ghana Supreme Court once (at least i think it was Ghana), and the wigs were... Let's say surprising.

Also funny: a lot of courts in Germany require their judges to wear funny little hats.

Here is a good comparison:

Battle of Stirling Brig
September 11, 1297

William Wallace & Andrew Moray leading the Scots army met the invading English force at Stirling. The English army was moving north to relieve Dundee, which was one of the few towns the Scots hadn't recaptured. The narrow brig was the only place where an army could cross the River Forth, but it also became a trap for the heavy cavalry. The battle became a rout, and one of the heaviest ever English defeats.

Unlikely looking heroes (is it the wigs?), but proclaimed as heroes nonetheless.

"Heroes of the people"

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Related: the Yellowhammer document, as now released, has a section redacted. The redecated section is almost certainly the one shown in the leaked version.

So, the government are worried about the UK population knowing about fuel shortages, strikes and job layoffs after Brexit.

Sunlit uplands.

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The UK government is now saying it WON'T publish the communications, contrary to what parliament demanded, because it is:

"unprecedented, inappropriate and disproportionate...To name individuals without any regard to their rights or the consequences goes beyond any reasonable right of parliament."

Wait a minute... what happened to: "If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide".

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2022 the UK breaks up.

2023 N Ireland, Scotland and Wales join the EU.

2024 England becomes an unincorporated territory of the USA

2025 Disney buys Cornwall from the crown in order to open a Victorian Theme Park. JRM as CEO

2026 Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and Donald Trump have their first baby together.

2027 Northern England rebels, London fails to notice. Northern Assembly applies to join Scotland.

2028 Scotland allows northerners to join as long as they promise not to be silly


As a companion to a doggie I find one of the most satisfying things is when a person directs a compliment to your pooch.

Earlier to-day, a man walking in the opposite direction stops, looks at , and says: "what a beautiful dog, and so well behaved".

Me: 😀

Trump supporters = build a wall
Boris supporters = build a wall

I think I see a pattern.

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Ever since the Court of Session decision this morning, I see all the Boris supporters are *raging*. One of the favoured suggestions is to re-build Hadrian's Wall to keep out the "Jocks".

Fine, by me. They don't seem to realise that a big chunk of the north of England would then be in Scotland.

The BBC are reporting that police in the Highlands have arrested a 77 year old man in connection with the disappearance of Renee & Andrew MacRae in 1976.

The disappearance of Renee, and her 3 year old son Andrew, is one of the longest-running and most notorious missing persons cases in Scotland.

The police are conducting an extensive search at Leanach Quarry, near Inverness.

Diada Nacional de Catalunya
Catalonia's national day
September 11th

Best wishes to everyone in Catalonia.

Starting the day properly. 😃

I like to have something fermented along with my breakfast. Usually this means sauerkraut, but sometimes other things like fermented beetroot.

This morning I opened the first jar of my latest batch of sauerkraut. It had a wee addition to the usual ingredients: GARLIC! It was great. 😋 I may never go back to plain sauerkraut.

This thread was meant to be a continuation of my original post about the Cherry Case at The Court of Session:

In my excitement, I made a new post rather than a reply. 🙄

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I'm thinking Joanna Cherry QC MP was pleased with to-day's result.

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Congratulations to Joanna Cherry (and others) for another famous victory. First victory was confirmation that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked. Now, prorogation of parliament is judged to be unlawful.

Fingers crossed that the Supreme Court agrees.

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The Court of Session Appeal Court has agreed with the petitioners. All three judges in the appeal court have stated that the prorogation of the Westminster Parliament is unlawful & unconstitutional.


There is no interdict (temporary stop to the action) as the case was already known to be going (final appeal) to the Supreme Court on Tuesday 17th.

BoJo is not out (yet), but he is reeling, on the canvas, and the referee has started the count.

I go away from my keyboard for 45 minutes to prepare lunch, during which time all Hell breaks loose.

Back shortly, once I have assimilated what has happened.

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