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Coo, it is Friday again.

I'm not complaining, but, where has the week gone? For that matter where has January gone? Almost half of January behind us already.

On the bright side, the TV isn't on this morning. I think hostilities have ceased.

I hope you have a nice weekend, whether you are working or not.

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I hadn't realised that was just a battle won, the war continues.

To-day, the TV was on before I arrived. It was tuned to daytime TV. Oh my dog. There must be a lot of brainless people watching this nonsense.

I was "treated" to some breakfast show (missed the name), then Countdown, and lastly some show looking at holiday properties abroad. Thankfully, at this point I was able to escape.

Mankind is doomed.

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Thank goodness I recently purchased that powerbank, as otherwise I would never have managed my commitment to have Heavy Metal ALL DAY, at work. 😃


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One of the great things about being a doggie person is the instant camadarie with other owners. Stopping for chats with people (and dogs) you don't know, striking up friendships with people you meet regularly, and getting waved at just because you have a dog.

It is like being part of an enormous club.

To-morrow will be payback day.

It is going to be Heavy Metal all day.

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I invariably listen to music whilst at work. To-day, a colleague did me a "favour" by tuning-in a music channel on the smart TV. He introduced it as: "Listen to this, it's great!"

It was non-stop rock & pop "classics", frequently interrupted by adverts. As if this wasn't bad enough, the songs weren't by the original artists. The songs were covered by people who were so no-names that they weren't even credited.

Out of politeness I felt obligated to listen to it for a while.

It was purgatory.

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This neighbourhood Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) popped by and started feeding on the pods of the Peacock Plant (Caesalpinia pulcherrima). Observed on 10 Jan 2022.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Birds #Aves

I don't believe it.

I've got a *date* this afternoon (first time in ages). Overnight, a big, red protuberance has developed on my nose.

The gods of chance are having fun with me.

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@Magess here's an excellent representation of the Gaelic colour world, this is in Irish though they are pretty much the same. I guess you could describe it as more tonal


I bought a really cheap* red wine at Aldi. It is a Kooliburra Shiraz from South Eastern Australia. It is extremely quaffable, perhaps dangerously so. I will be buying it again.

* Cheap for Scotland, at £4.88 for a 75cl bottle.

The pedant in me believes this should be called a greyout, not a whiteout.

Thirty seconds later not only could the mountains not be seen, my hand in front of my face was obscured.

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Yesterday we had a little bit of snow and a nice clear afternoon.

You know what they say about dogs with big paws.

Yeah, big paw prints.

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We need to remove inches* from measuring tapes, and have metric only. 50% of the time the metric scale is on the wrong side of the tape.

* For viewers in the UK only.

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The roads were sure interesting, to-night.

Continuing my theme of posting images of forestry equipment:

This is a Ponsse Buffalo K90, equipped as a Collector.

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