It seems Linus Torvalds has been busy. 2 kernel updates in 2 days.

I found a useful utility for EndeavourOS to edit the GRUB file. It's called grub-customizer and can be easily installed via pacman. It's also available for other distros.
If you're interested:

It appears that Firefox may become my backup browser. It's been slowing down over the past few versions. I even got a message saying that my cell provider's site was slowing FF down. It could be the site, though.

I bought a new modem a while back. At the time, I was asked if I wanted to increase the speed of the connection. I said no, just to do a comparison between the old and new modems.
That's been done, and I think I'll up the speed. My "month" starts on the 15th, so I asked if the new speed could be set up to start next month with the new cycle. Now I wait for an answer.

I'm going to try one of those meal kit places. It's called Chef's Plate. I'm guessing it'll probably taste better than the last place I looked at. That one was delivering what turned out to be frozen TV dinners that were taken out of the box and their own label stuck on it.
It'll be interesting to see what's what.

I've already had fun this morning. I updated the firmware on my VoIP box. ☎️

Part of a headline to an article I saw:
"The Blonde Leading the blonde". 😆

So, EndeavourOS is up and functional. Now comes some endless tweaking. I do like the quickness compared to Ubuntu.

At least I got this one.

Wordle 319 6/6


The new modem I got has been running a couple of days. Right off the bat, I've "gained" 4 to 5Mbps even though the package speed I have (75Mpbs) hasn't changed. Ookla tells me it's around 88 or 89Mpbs. 🤷‍♂️

So, Firefox 100 is installed on EndeavourOS Apollo. Seems to work well (both). A slight rework happened when Endeavour wasn't being picked up at boot. Now it's time to repopulate the panels.

I'm revisiting EndeavourOS. It looks like the installer problem they had is fixed and the installation went smoothly. Calamares behaved. 😱
Now to refresh my memory.

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