While I think of it, I should set my watches to show the date as June 31 before I go to bed. That way, they automatically switch to July 1 at midnight.
I guess I'm so smart because of all the Smarties I ate as a child. 😎

I was looking for something on a hard drive, and found a doc file called LSO. I looked at it and then remembered it's something I do with every new distro I install, but forgot to with LMDE. It's done now. Apparently no more "Flash cookies".

@politemenace @jpmens An uncle used to buy me a small box of them once in a while when I was a kid.

@jpmens @politemenace Interesting. The Great Raisin War, I guess. I looked on their site, and there's this:
No matter if you are in the USA or any other country, if you are interested in buying Sun-Maid products, please send us an email to [email protected]

I guess there's always that way if people want them. That, or on Amazon, if you deal with them.

Wordle Peaks #124 5/6


@neglesaks I'd be more worried about the the ones that stare at people and drool.

@wrdwoose Yeah. It might already be happening in Norway. This is a supposedly a Norwegian prison.

@neglesaks The look on his face got me wondering if I'd grown horns and a pointy tail. As my mom might have said: "TFB".

Samsung gave me a chuckle today. I was at their site, and looked for a phone with certain parameters, the last being affordable. The result was: "Sorry. Nothing found." So, they're finally admitting their phones are expensive. 😋

@neglesaks Just like the merit-based places go, at least as far as raises go.
I was told at one place that it was merit-based. I told the person I talked to that I don't kiss butt, thanked him for his time, and walked out.

@deutrino @realcaseyrollins It's not the best I've seen. I do like the "sectioning" of the screen, especially the one for the actual image. Reminiscent of here, to an extent.
It appears to cooperate well with Gthumb.

Does anyone use Ookla Speedtest? If so, does it show a wrong IP address for you when you first get there?

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