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This is mostly a parody account, operated by @dansup

You should checkout for longer form articles that cover much more of the fediverse!

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Hi Fediverse

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[BREAKING] FNN is no more. All staff are laid off due to mastodon and pleroma devs working together for once.

There is simply not enough drama to keep us afloat.

Stay Informed.

[BREAKING] Pixelfed enters a new market.

"onlyfans but for pixelfed" said the founder in an off the record conversation with our source.

Will Pixelfed sell out in a federated fashion? Is this cryptocurrency related? What is onlyfans?

We have many questions, this is a developing story.

[BREAKING] Fediverse developer quits Instagram over semicolons.

This is a developing story.

[BREAKING] Fediverse developer joins Instagram to "build a decentralized protocol".

This is a developing story.

"Distance Instagram from other social networks"

This shit is why the fediverse will thrive.

Facebook is too scared to let other social networks be mentioned along side them 😂

This is mostly a parody account, operated by @dansup

You should checkout for longer form articles that cover much more of the fediverse!

[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.

The rumours are true, we are working on a mobile app.

- Snap, Caption, Post

- No timelines, only for posting

- Only works with Pixelfed

- Android and iOS versions

- Will continue to support 3rd party APIs

Beta version due out next year! #pixelfed

[BREAKING] Pixelfed rumoured to be working on a mobile app.

This is a developing story.

[BREAKING] Pixelfed insider leaks Story details:

- Photo Filter support

- Only federated with Pixelfed

- 3 mobile apps working on support

- Photos only

- Will rollout new features over time

- Swipe up link redirects limited to admins and users with over 100 followers

[EXCLUSIVE] @anfora project pivots to GitLab and micro-services.

Anfora is a photo sharing platform similar to Flickr, 500px and Instagram.

We reached out to Pixelfed and they said:

"We are thrilled!
Anfora is the first project we collaborated with, and we look forward to bringing new and exciting features to the fediverse that are compatible with both projects"

You can follow their progress on GitLab:

[BREAKING] Pixelfed developer admits the project was just a ploy to revive GNU/Social.

"That guy has lost his fucking mind" said a pleroma developer who had to start a new instance because of pleroma database issues.

This is a developing story.

[BREAKING] Pixelfed rebranding to just Pixel.

"We want to elevate the conscience of the world, one pixel at a time" said dansup according to our source.

We reached out to SoftBank and Pixelfed, they did not respond. This is a developing story.

[CORRECTION] We misidentified "" as the flagship instance, we were mistaken. The actual flagship is ""

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[BREAKING] Pixelfed admits mobile support is not ready and promises to fix "soon".

It has been 548 days since Pixelfed said mobile support was "coming soon". Should we believe them this time?

More at 6.

I want to thank everyone who helps newbies in the #pleroma irc channel. I don't have that much time for it these days, so I'm happy to see that the community can usually manage by themselves.

[BREAKING] shut-down

The flagship pleroma instance, has decided to close down after database issues.

We have reached out to, they have no comment at this time.

♲ @[email protected]: Oh hello, #ActivityPub people…

We just turned on ActivityPub support at to get more users to test it and thus speed up fixing the remaining issues and bringing better compatibility across other #Fediverse platforms.

PLEASE NOTE, this are a bit alpha still, so in the master branch by default ActivityPub support is off. It can be turned on by setting the environment variable SOCIALHOME_ACTIVITYPUB_ALPHA=True.

Issue reports very much welcome in the issue tracker.…

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