LitePub put to the test.

Pixelfed has proposed an ActivityPub extension to disable comments or replies on a specific post.

Will LitePub accept the new extension from Pixelfed and what this means for LitePub and the fediverse remains uncertain.

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@[email protected] Putting this on the protocol layer is misguided at best.  This should be enforced by the central server.  This is the same problem as privacy advisory, just with not as dire consequences.
@[email protected] Which is to say, if you expect anyone but you, to listen to how you want messages to be relayed or not, you're in for a very, very bad time.

@krozruch @fnn
Isn't #litePub supposed to be a sublanguage of #activitypub, with less features? Adding closed extensions will add so much mess...

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