[EXCLUSIVE] A source inside one of the more popular fediverse projects has said they are considering domain blocking Gab.

A number of projects have done that recently including Tusky and Pixelfed.

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Wait, does PixelFed do it on the software level by default?
@deFrisselle @fnn

@masterofthetiger @deFrisselle @fnn No, its a configuration option. We don't block any domains by default anymore, it still needs a bit of work.

@dansup I commend you for this. This is a wise move. Censorship is not the answer. It is a really bad look and a move in the wrong direction. It should be done at the instance level not the software level in my opinion.

@masterofthetiger @deFrisselle @fnn

@fnn I got online this morning and do not see any Gab postings. Did it happen? Is Gab blocked?

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