[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.

@fnn They know what's coming. They're afraid.
They should be.

@fnn The Church of the SubGenius existed long before Facebook, there is a healthy SubGenius presence on Facebook, and the one year anniversary of - the SubGenius mastodobbs - fast approaches. By members, is in the top 10% of all instances. Bottom line: the Church of the SubGenius thrives everywhere. If your community must always / must never be on Facebook, come join ours! The greatest mail order mind control cult on the market today at this price.

@fnn proud to be posting on the number one threat to face book


it is inevitable perhaps. there was a study on segregation of communities as a function of the amount of bias...

even small amounts of biases lead to Major segregation eventually even in the real world, where people often go out of their way to conceal the bias.

given that on-line people are less inclined to conceal the biases, segregation is perhaps far more likely, eventually leading to decentralisation/fragmentation.

will be interesting if a federal model evolves.

@fnn As a member of the fediverse: well duh that was the whole point

@fnn well, let's double the fuck down then, shall we, India?

@fnn I guess I'm going to be the first ever person to make something that ingests those "machine-readable" GDPR exports. Facebook can shut off their API all they want, but with GDPR, they either allow people to export their data or they face hefty fines from the EU.

@fnn and now a challenge: they apparently thought of this and when you export friends to json, you only get 2 fields per friend – name and timestamp. No user IDs. Matching corresponding timestamp + own name in others' friend lists might work.

@fnn it's that statement really worrying about federated type decentralisation? My reading is different - it's worried about separate applications for different tasks (the small verticals); where each of those might be centralised.

@penguin42 @fnn you've got it right, hence "death by a thousand cuts".

@fnn So Facebook are going to start decentralising their apps?

@fnn this is from a 2012 email, this is at the time when I created my first fedi account! If random kids could already use decentralized social networks, it should be obvious that someone at big corporations had already taken notice of it

OCR Output (chars: 815) 

>>'services' is extremely conditional on who the business is / what they
>>do. It varies widely from industry to industry and company to company
>>and can changes dramatically based on exactly what information exists /
>>is exposed to them via the system.


>>Upshot’ the number one threat to Facebook is not another scaled social
>>network, it is the fracturing of information / death by a thousand small
>>vertical apps which are loosely integrated together. This will either
>>happen because there is fundamentally no ‘return’ on the centralization
>>of information / the graph OR it will happen because we sell off the
>>graph piecemeal for less than it is worth and in the process destroy

>>efficiency and value.

>>When User/Developer/FB incentives meet / come into tensionS

Where is that from? Where’s the trove? 😂

@fnn That they even float the idea that centralization of information / data mining might not be valuable enough to fund operations is telling.
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