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♲ @[email protected]: Oh hello, #ActivityPub people…

We just turned on ActivityPub support at to get more users to test it and thus speed up fixing the remaining issues and bringing better compatibility across other #Fediverse platforms.

PLEASE NOTE, this are a bit alpha still, so in the master branch by default ActivityPub support is off. It can be turned on by setting the environment variable SOCIALHOME_ACTIVITYPUB_ALPHA=True.

Issue reports very much welcome in the issue tracker.…

]BREAKING] The Mastodon Network has been crippled by a Wasabi outage, leaving people unable to post memes.

"F*ck this, I'm going back to Facebook" one man said, desperate for boomer memes.

We are monitoring the situation.

[EXCLUSIVE] A source inside one of the more popular fediverse projects has said they are considering domain blocking Gab.

A number of projects have done that recently including Tusky and Pixelfed.

We are not interested in politics or world news, we only report on the fediverse.

Stay Informed.

[BREAKING] Gab CTO posts creepy video announcing their Mastodon fork will domain block a pleroma instance.

What will their supporters say to other instances who blocks Gab?

This is a developing story.

We are not interested in politics or world news, we only report on the fediverse.

Stay Informed.

LitePub put to the test.

Pixelfed has proposed an ActivityPub extension to disable comments or replies on a specific post.

Will LitePub accept the new extension from Pixelfed and what this means for LitePub and the fediverse remains uncertain.

Hyperspace is a client for Mastodon and the fediverse. It aims to provide a clean, simple, and fun interface for interacting with Mastodon instances.

For updates follow @alicerunsonfedora or visit the website

Fedilab is a multifunctional Android client for the fediverse, consisting of microblogging, photo sharing and video hosting.

For Fedilab updates, follow @[email protected] or visit the website

Have you heard of Anfora?

It is a federated photo sharing platform like 500px and Instagram.

For updates on the project, follow @anfora

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It's not like this is operated by a well known fediverse developer.

[BREAKING] Pleroma is working on a documentation website, new admin dashboard and several new enhancements. We have reached out to them for comment.

Would you be interested in a FNN Exclusive Series that interviews random/every day fediverse users?

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