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I've been working on a for level completion teleports that activate when all hostiles have been cleared. I think it's good enough for now. This is the last new feature before next alpha update.

I've been testing different ways of using a lot of dynamic lights but limiting the number of concurrently active lights (for performance and dealing with rendering limitations)

Added guide icons to touch areas on mobile. Any ideas on how to make it clearer that you shoot by double tap (and hold) anywhere on the right side?

Sorry, I can't wait for : I added a simple dithering to fix the ugly banding on the walls, and holy crap, it made a difference! See uncompressed image here:

First Polychoron public alpha version is out now (Windows/Linux/Android). The game is far from complete but it's playable and I need your feedback.

Lots of improvements this week, none very visible. Fixed a long-standing bug that let projectiles sometimes pass through laser traps. Now you are safe from that sentry gun here.

No visible changes this week, I've been working on audio: Many new sound effects with more variation, reverb filter to match the confined space.

I've been trying to "beef up" the explosions while keeping the ultra style. Not quite there yet but better..

Made a quick mock-up of alternative maze style with geometry only (right). I'll stick to the current flat walls with low-res textures (left) for now, although some kind of combination of these two could be ideal..

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