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Forced myself to do some boring refactoring so that I could add this impressive intro sequence and a menu.

Made killed enemies drop score items (the tiny glowing white cubes) that bounce on terrain and fly towards nearby player.

The player finally has proper walk animations to diagonal directions! Also added nearest drop pod highlight and an option to trash unwanted weapon mods.

It's hard to make good looking splatter effects using untextured quads only (any textured particles look horribly out of place in otherwise untextured world).

Ballistic aiming and damage radius indicators are now working at all distances. I will need a better indicator because the glowing sphere looks too much like some sort of force field. Any ideas?

First attempt at ballistic projectiles for the enemies only made them good at killing themselves.

Added some dynamic lights, fine-tuned explosions, created proper weapon models (if you look really closely).

Another thing I fixed this week: The walkers now steer away from level edges and only look for footholds inside the level area. Looks much better.

Instead of full-blown navigation I made the enemies find their way around simple dynamic obstacles (the container) based on physical contacts.

Some more work on enemy deaths: Rigid body based "gibs", minor particle tweaking and now the explosions affect bodies and particles.

Testing large colliding particles emitted from killed enemies. It does feel pretty good but I don't like the looks. Perhaps I should try "chunks of flesh" using actual rigid bodies..

I got nothing new to show for , so here's just a random screenshot from my twin stick project.

This is what I call a character model (136 vertices). I'm kind of proud of this even though it's crappy programmer art (and first iteration at that). Attached weapon model is currently just a box.

I'm not dead, I've just been stuck trying to figure a good animation work flow. Nearly there, I can finally get my animations from Blender to Godot without something breaking.

Polychoron running on Steam Deck for the very first time! Installed through app. There are some minor issues but the game runs perfectly smoothly and even controls work out-of-the-box.

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