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Instead of trying to stage the perfect screenshot I now just play the game, record low-fps lossless video and later pick the best frames from there.

I was trying to get a nice screenshot from Polychoron mobile version but I died at the critical moment. I guess this looks pretty nice too..

What 2D games should I study for good wall climbing mechanics and intuitive controls? Not just jumping and hanging on walls but free walking on walls and ceiling.

I found an old game of mine from 1994 that I though was lost forever (or didn't exists at all)! I wrote a short post about it:

Playing around with wall climbing and digging mechanic. It's pretty bad right now.. we'll see if I can make it better.

Some people might appreciate the fact that Polychoron has been developed entirely on Linux (Xubuntu).

There has been a lot of changes in Polychoron's global high scores for the mobile version lately. We have a new top score with quite a margin. Congratulations, Degenerate!

I really like this simple depth-based "scanner effect" shader when picking up Jammer power-in Polychoron.

BTW, you can play the game right now:

My custom controller for Polychoron is almost ready, just a few software tweaks left to do. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with how easy it was to set up. Thanks, Arduino.

Polychoron Pro Controller is alive! Even my joystick calibration code works prefectly. Next, I need to mount the sticks somewhere for this to be actually usable.

A new #1 global high score has been made in Polychoron! It's quite a leap from the last one. Congratulations THE0R!

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