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Working on Polychoron again: Fixed teleports sometimes spawning on top of player and completing the level prematurely.

Went back to generating geometry in GDScript (takes almost 10x longer compared to optimized GDNative/C++). Moved the generation to separate threads to get rid of the ugly pauses when terrain changes.

Testing simple "kill markers" in Polychoron as an additional way of indicating that player has been here already.

Polychoron running smooth in my custom Hyper Ultra Astronautics bar-top cabinet. Too bad the cabinet's four buttons per player isn't quite enough..

Here's a random clip from a gameplay video I recorded from upcoming Polychoron alpha version. Will be out soon after stable Godot 3.2.4.

I was able to fix the ugly banding effect in Polychoron GLES2 version by adding a simple noise pattern in material shaders. This will make the web version look a lot better.

Allowing more dynamic lights in Polychoron after upgrade to Godot 3.2.4beta4 made a noticeable difference!

Late again for : Added a simple controllable test ship shooting projectiles that destroy the terrain. And a water volume with simple buoyancy. No fluid simulations, sorry 😅

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