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I was able to fix the ugly banding effect in Polychoron GLES2 version by adding a simple noise pattern in material shaders. This will make the web version look a lot better.

Allowing more dynamic lights in Polychoron after upgrade to Godot 3.2.4beta4 made a noticeable difference!

Late again for : Added a simple controllable test ship shooting projectiles that destroy the terrain. And a water volume with simple buoyancy. No fluid simulations, sorry 😅

Here's the generated collision mesh in action. I will still have to find a way to handle the wrap-round properly, possible by mirroring part of collision mesh at the ends.. 🤔

My destructible 2.5D terrain looks much nicer properly textured. Collision geometry is visualized in green for debugging.

I released a big alpha update to Polychoron yesterday! It's 100% free and available on Windows, Linux, Android and Web, so there are very few reasons not to try it 😉

Working on a new (rare) power-up called "jammer" for Polychoron. This should be the last new feature before next alpha update..

Added electricity symbols to laser obstacle power boxes. Hopefully it makes it clearer what they are..

Made laser screens and their power boxes flash together on damage to make it clear they're connected, added blue sparks on projectile hits and differently colored (blue here) sections in maze to aid navigation.

Did this quick and dirty test to see how a visible cockpit would look in my game. It's not going to happen because the game's view is supposed to be a virtual helmet view.

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