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Testing different texture themes for parts of generated maze to help navigating. The idea might be good, but the implementation looks pretty ugly at the moment..

Replaced the cube with an actual ship model. I think I can safely call this as it has 78 vertices, 61 faces and 118 triangles.

Projectiles are now synced over network too (server left, client right, the usual 100±30ms simulated latency between them)

Playing around with Godot's high level networking. Here's server and client running on the same PC with simulated 100±30 ms latency, 10 updates per second, basic motion extrapolation, no smoothing or interpolation yet

It was supposed to be just a for testing, but I liked the ultra look so much that I kept it and just added some lighting.

Fixed a "critical" bug in Hyper Ultra Astronautics: The controller guide text color for gamepad now matches the actual color of the first gamepad player!

Hyper Ultra Astronautics was released on Wednesday! Here's the current state of survival solo/co-op high-score tables

I put up another video review on my gaming channel, if anyone's interested.

A quick look at Hyper Ultra Astronautics - Linux game review

#LinuxGaming #GamingOnLinux #Linux #Gaming

My custom menu has the most basic functionality implemented. Now I only need add the rest and make it look good.

New this week: Added acceleration to keyboard controls to make aiming easier, added simple shock wave effects to explosions.

I happened to make a new single player #1 high score in Hyper Ultra Astronautics while a recording video:

You're welcome to beat that! Get the game on @itchio:

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