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My custom menu has the most basic functionality implemented. Now I only need add the rest and make it look good.

New this week: Added acceleration to keyboard controls to make aiming easier, added simple shock wave effects to explosions.

I happened to make a new single player #1 high score in Hyper Ultra Astronautics while a recording video:

You're welcome to beat that! Get the game on @itchio:

Hyper Ultra Astronautics tip for : Disruptor weapon can prevent bosses from firing while other co-op players take it down. A new beta update coming soon.

Changed to a slowly rotating view of the paused match behind the menu to make it look "more alive" in the arcade cabinet.

Here's my latest distraction from working on finishing the game itself. First time in playable condition.

It's done! I just submitted my entry: Maze Flyer. Very unfinished, but playable. You can already download it here:

I've been working on something for . Two days to go and so much stuff missing 😅

Discovered a nice unplanned feature when I "killed" the player ship over a hole in the ground

Here's my very early game prototype in action. I need to make more track sections to see how mixing them works in practice. And implement collisions, shooting and tons of other stuff.

I have a new laptop (still only Intel's integrated GPU) that finally runs my own game at smooth 60fps in QHD resolution! I'll test 4K later..

2018 was a slow year for me, although I did _almost_ finish Hyper Ultra Astronautics. I wish my lost motivation comes back and the next year will be much more productive.

Anyway, here's some for !

Switched to trusty old waypoint based driving approach and it seems to be working a bit better..

Anyone planning a session this weekend? Check out Hyper Ultra Astronautics on @itchio: I'd be interested in hearing your feedback!

My babies trying to follow the race line and maintain set speed at the same time. This is going to need a lot of work.. 🙄

Dug up my old project and added speed guides to help computer players brake in time (pre-calculated on scene load). Dot colors indicate "speed recommendations" from green to red. Not actually used yet.

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