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I've mostly been struggling with threading issues lately. I did add a very stupid "enemy" that follows the player around.. until it gets stuck. Character controllers are going to need _a_lot_ of work..

Added proper twin-stick controls and projectiles that damage the terrain. This is a simple height map terrain so it does not support overhangs or holes but I think the destruction still looks quite nice..

Perhaps I should make the menu background lighter in Polychoron.. What do you think? Which looks better?

A tiny bit of progress on my destructible terrain thingy: Added a basic player controller (movement directions relative to camera) and some particles in terrain cuts.

Now that Polychoron is ready, I'm again playing around with custom destructible terrain..

I have a brand new "poster" image for Polychoron! What do you think about it?

Instead of trying to stage the perfect screenshot I now just play the game, record low-fps lossless video and later pick the best frames from there.

I was trying to get a nice screenshot from Polychoron mobile version but I died at the critical moment. I guess this looks pretty nice too..

Playing around with wall climbing and digging mechanic. It's pretty bad right now.. we'll see if I can make it better.

I really like this simple depth-based "scanner effect" shader when picking up Jammer power-in Polychoron.

BTW, you can play the game right now:

My custom controller for Polychoron is almost ready, just a few software tweaks left to do. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with how easy it was to set up. Thanks, Arduino.

Polychoron Pro Controller is alive! Even my joystick calibration code works prefectly. Next, I need to mount the sticks somewhere for this to be actually usable.

Trying to get some pretty screenshots from current Polychoron development version for coming alpha update. This one has nice colors.

In case you've ever wondered what the player ship in Polychoron (currently never seen in-game) looks like, here it is in editor.

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