Some more work on enemy deaths: Rigid body based "gibs", minor particle tweaking and now the explosions affect bodies and particles.

Testing large colliding particles emitted from killed enemies. It does feel pretty good but I don't like the looks. Perhaps I should try "chunks of flesh" using actual rigid bodies..

I got nothing new to show for , so here's just a random screenshot from my twin stick project.

@neglesaks Thanks! It's an untitled twin stick shooter project I've been working on for a while now. Still a long way to go.

This is what I call a character model (136 vertices). I'm kind of proud of this even though it's crappy programmer art (and first iteration at that). Attached weapon model is currently just a box.

I'm not dead, I've just been stuck trying to figure a good animation work flow. Nearly there, I can finally get my animations from Blender to Godot without something breaking.

Polychoron running on Steam Deck for the very first time! Installed through app. There are some minor issues but the game runs perfectly smoothly and even controls work out-of-the-box.

I should decide on the art style for the enemies. Definitely ultra low-poly but I'm not sure about textures. I initially wanted quake 1 style low-res textures but that doesn't work very well on small enemies mostly viewed from far away..

New this week: Shader based "walk animation" for small walking enemies (orange), auto-aim target reticle and lots of less visible improvements to enemy physics and hit effects.

Experimenting with different ways of implementing twin stick shooter controls using keyboard and mouse. Here's the "aiming cursor locked near the player" option which is my favorite so far.

A little progress on my twin stick shooter project: The enemies now rise up from the ground and shoot back. Plus some basic particle effects to indicate damage.

My walking enemies have learned to properly reposition their legs when loosing ground contact, for example due to terrain deforming.

The walking enemies behave pretty well with varying leg counts and dimensions now, all enemy types try to maintain set distance to the player (the green ball)

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