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Impressive scores on Polychoron leaderboard! It's actually nice to see others beat you in your own game by a huge margin.

After some tweaking, my walking enemy is starting to look more natural. Still way too many hand-tuned parameters that break if leg count or dimensions change..

Today my game Final Duel turns 25 🥳

23 years later I released Hyper Ultra Astronautics which is basically a modern take on the original Final Duel. We'll see if there will be more in another two decades..

Very little progress this week: Minor character controller improvements including burrowing for the enemies.

I've mostly been struggling with threading issues lately. I did add a very stupid "enemy" that follows the player around.. until it gets stuck. Character controllers are going to need _a_lot_ of work..

Added proper twin-stick controls and projectiles that damage the terrain. This is a simple height map terrain so it does not support overhangs or holes but I think the destruction still looks quite nice..

Perhaps I should make the menu background lighter in Polychoron.. What do you think? Which looks better?

A tiny bit of progress on my destructible terrain thingy: Added a basic player controller (movement directions relative to camera) and some particles in terrain cuts.

Now that Polychoron is ready, I'm again playing around with custom destructible terrain..

I have a brand new "poster" image for Polychoron! What do you think about it?

Instead of trying to stage the perfect screenshot I now just play the game, record low-fps lossless video and later pick the best frames from there.

I was trying to get a nice screenshot from Polychoron mobile version but I died at the critical moment. I guess this looks pretty nice too..

What 2D games should I study for good wall climbing mechanics and intuitive controls? Not just jumping and hanging on walls but free walking on walls and ceiling.

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