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No visible changes this week, I've been working on audio: Many new sound effects with more variation, reverb filter to match the confined space.

I've been trying to "beef up" the explosions while keeping the ultra style. Not quite there yet but better..

Made a quick mock-up of alternative maze style with geometry only (right). I'll stick to the current flat walls with low-res textures (left) for now, although some kind of combination of these two could be ideal..

I'm adding collectible score items. Figuring out how to position and animate them pleasantly is surprisingly hard when there is no gravity or "up" direction..

New this week: Laser trap placement improvements, better explosion sounds and camera shake effects.

Very little progress on the maze shooter project this week. Power boxes are now rotated to point to the laser trap they power and should never overlap. Next up: Use only certain number of all these possible placements..

Made small HW and SW updates to Hyper Ultra Astronautics : A new amplifier circuit, simplified menus and more intuitive 4-button text input.

I planned quite a lot of stuff for the Holidays, but so far I've only fixed a couple of tiny bugs and implemented multiplayer match respawning in my project..

Working on new competitive game modes called scorematch and team scorematch for Hyper Ultra Astronautics. I need to do some playtesting to decide how much of their score the players drop for others to collect when dying..

Testing different texture themes for parts of generated maze to help navigating. The idea might be good, but the implementation looks pretty ugly at the moment..

Replaced the cube with an actual ship model. I think I can safely call this as it has 78 vertices, 61 faces and 118 triangles.

Projectiles are now synced over network too (server left, client right, the usual 100±30ms simulated latency between them)

Playing around with Godot's high level networking. Here's server and client running on the same PC with simulated 100±30 ms latency, 10 updates per second, basic motion extrapolation, no smoothing or interpolation yet

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