This is absolutely scary. Be careful with selfies.


Japanese KitKats Are Replacing Plastic Packaging with Origami Paper You Can Turn into Cranes

Such a great idea. Can't wait until there are some nice color patterns.

Trying to commute climate-friendly in by taking bus and but the infrastructure makes it really hard.
First, bus passing me with 'sorry bus full' , then the skytrain platform was so full it had to be closed off.

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Vancouver health system ignored warnings that its wireless paging system transmits sensitive patient data in the clear

Unübliche Waldbrände überall. Arktis, Amazonas, australischer Busch. Sehr beängstigend

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Expect my post freqency to go up now I've installed a command-line Mastodon client and can just whimsically share thoughts with you all without looking away from my main desktop which is full of terminal windows.

Sunsetting Python 2 |

It is now final. I'm going to miss a bit for being slightly more performant than . But the way I am using Python it is more beneficial to have all the nice new features than stick with the old version.

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#Co-working spaces reflect the new reality of contingent, casual work, and job insecurity.

"As co-working spaces colonise cities, are workers paying the price?"

"As businesses look to save money and space, providers such as WeWork are booming. But co-working is not all it’s cracked up to be "

#coworking #wework #business #realestate #economy #jobs #employment

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Great article about the problem with use and plastic and how developed countries are simply exporting their plastic trash burden to developing countries mainlly in Asia.

Surprising fact: aluminum cans are actually the perfect recyclable material, while plastic is the worst.

Just signed up for a new course and checked out their mobile app. I really like its UI design. Simple, functional, and intuitive.

I was looking a while for tool that can do keyword based text replacements across multiple applications.

The winner is: AutoKey

Allows me to define little shortcuts for repetive texts I enter in chat apps, gmail, wiki markdown, etc.

I never trust reviews in online portals. Usually I only check the negative things people report.

'Why I write fake online reviews'

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