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feature request: a way to fire into the void of a certain instance. say I want an art request, but no one on follows me, so I can't appear in their FTL, or I want to ask a BSD question, and just want to appear in a timeline on this lets you fire into specific voids, and maybe hope you get results.

maybe it'd work as a mention type? maybe a syntax such as would work.

@djsundog @calvin i think AP actually probably allows this kind of thing?

but this is also a need i think would be better served by groups... some day...

@bea @djsundog I /think/ GS has something like groups bound to ! prefixes, but I don't use it, so I can't say?

Nicole @funbreaker

@calvin @bea @djsundog

Yep! I sometimes use it with my GS account.
e.g. !listening to "Levon" by Elton John

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@funbreaker @calvin @djsundog yeah, groups in masto and in AP in general are gonna need to be carefully thought out and i don't think that the simple ones GS uses with ! tags are good enough tbh

it's in progress 🤷